Amazing work by Suzanne Sullivan.


The one standing at the back center does look a bit different but I’m sure 99% of us would have gone right past it.

Common Ringed Plover

Bigger breast band, bigger supercilium, longer and more orange bill.

Common Ringed Plover

And the toes.

Worth the Sand

Some shots of the Mew (Common) Gull at King’s Beach on the Lynn/Swampscott line on Sunday:

Mew Gull

Gull lineup

Flying off after 20 minutes (by which point almost everyone else had left):

Mew Gull

Mew Gull from below

Even hiding beside the steps, the wind was blasting sand all over. Still cleaning it out of everything.


Lapwing 1

Lapwing 1

Lapwing 2

Easy chase Monday made better when a second was found 15 minutes away. Both distant and I didn’t get the flight views I wanted but no complaints.

Which photo was taken with the phone and scope and which came from the dslr?

Wood Sand

Finally got down to Rhode Island for the Wood Sandpiper today (after thinking about it both days last weekend and yesterday). Ride down was easy, and walk out was easy (although muddy and we started in the wrong direction). The bird couldn’t have been easier to see (50 feet away at most and by itself).

Wood Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper


As promised, chased the Pink-footed Goose today. After driving around Nine Acre Corner and vicinity a bit, we finally stopped at Davis Field. Fortunately, Officer Harris pulled in right next to us and directed us to the back field. After a good bit of searching, we successfully located the goose in the back corner. Views were basically head and neck but good enough.

Morning Pink

In the afternoon, we returned with my mother. Pulling in, we were immediately told to go across the street (Frost Farm, which is private but seemed to be open for access for now). The goose was preening on the side of the pond with much better views (if not exactly better photos).

PM Pink

With the White-fronted right here (actually cropped out of this shot) and a Snow back at Davis, I believe 7 geese would be possible in Massachusetts today.