Gull Gallery

There’s plenty of gull sites on the web but I find many of them focus on birds that aren’t quite normal. I’m posting shots here that are pretty typical birds.

Ring-billed Gull:

Adult, winter
Adult, winter
2nd year, May

Great Black-backed Gull:

Immature, winter
First year, May

Herring Gull

Adult, June
Adult, winter (background bird)
Adult, winter
2nd? year, winter (2 and 3)
1st year, winter (wings stretched) (3)
Immature, May

Ivory Gull

Adult, January (2)

Iceland Gull

1st year, Feb in flight (2 and 3) (landed and 2)
Adult, winter

Lesser Black-backed Gull

3rd? year, winter (flying away, 2)

Corrections appreciated.