WIR 6/2-6/8

Wednesday 6/2: Nothing much at Falzone or West Meadow.

Thursday 6/3: Had a work thing, so tried for crossbills again. No luck, not too much else there either. Quick check of Heard Pond had nothing.

Friday 6/4: Pretty quiet around Watertown Square, redstart the only thing of interest. Water level was too high for the merganser’s rock, hope it’s still around.

Saturday 6/5: Did a Worcester county run. Started at Bolton Flats. The shorebird show had moved on but got the bittern and the overdue county Willow Flycatcher plus Bank Swallow, Hooded Merganser, etc. Continued to the Pine Hill Grasslands where both Vesper and Grasshopper Sparrows were fairly easy. Also lots of raptors and a few butterflies and dragonflies. Decided to try for the hybrid warbler in Upton next, although it was getting hot and was a bit further away than I realized. Heard but not seen unfortunately. Ton of odes around including a Swamp Darner. Then traffic going home.

Sunday 6/6: Winchester was the lowest of my local towns year list project (apparently hadn’t been there since March), so went to boost that a bit today. Started at the North Reservoir in the Fells. Fairly decent variety including two holes in the overall town list (Ovenbird and RB Grosbeak, I said holes). Also lots of Stream Cruisers and stuff. Went to Sandy Beach next, but the parking lot was overflowing, so I just went to Arlington Res instead. No shorebirds there and nothing around Cambridge Res.

Monday 6/7: Early loop of Rock Meadow was pretty quiet. FOY Monarch and European Skippers.

Tuesday 6/8: Nothing unexpected at College Pond.

WIR 5/26-6/1

Wednesday 5/26: Arlington Res had too much construction, so went to McClennen which had mowers. Quick run around there then had time for the res, which had a fox running along Old County.

Thursday 5/27: Got the merganser along the Charles (stay another few days), plus a redstart.

Friday 5/28: Usual stuff at Farm Meadow, Bobolinks are always enjoyable.

Saturday 5/29: Pretty nasty, but a NE wind. Swallows at the res, more swallows at Great Meadows. Decided it wasn’t too bad so walked a bit, Least BIttern flew off to the left and then a perched Purple Martin to the right!

Sunday 5/30: Earhart/Draw Seven were quiet, did eventually get one tern. Stopped at Arlington Res briefly and had a Least Sandpiper, then a ton of Chimney Swifts at Hardy Pond.

Monday 5/31: One more attempt at storm-related birds, starting at Farm Pond in Framingham. Nothing brought in, but an Orchard Oriole and a few others were new for Framingham, so over 90 there now. Heard Pond looked dead, decided to do the gardens instead of Heard Farm. Usual stuff there, but ran into Brian on the way out who tipped me off about possibly nesting crossbills nearby. No luck today, but I’ll keep an eye (did need them for the month though, so a bit disappointing). Did hear a Barred Owl and Pileated while waiting.

Tuesday 6/1: BBN, plan was to loop the woods for cuckoos. Passing the marsh, a Sora started ker-weeing, so I stopped and tried to get a  view (impossible there). While waiting, a Virginia Rail and Marsh Wren started calling too! Eventually did the loop including out to the Concord Ave marsh but nothing exciting elsewhere.

That’s patch #187 and Waltham #224.

WIR 5/19-5/25

Wednesday 5/19: Chased the Golden-wing around Mt. Auburn for half the morning, eventually got fair views. Commute #239! Also Canada, a dull Swainson’s Thrush, etc. Bay-breasted in the yard too.

Thursday 5/20: Alder Flycatcher and a weasel were about it at Dunback.

Friday 5/21: No migrants east of Watertown Square. None at the square either, but the heron show was better than expected.

Saturday 5/22: Started at Hall’s Pond where a Canada Warbler was #200 in Norfolk. Couldn’t decide on a next spot, ended up at Lost Pond which was pretty quiet (FOY Whitetail) only to see that most of the other spots I was thinking about had at least one bird I needed for the county.

Sunday 5/23: Led my first walk in ages, a BBC one at Great Meadows. Group (probably) had Least Bittern, plus YB Cuckoo and most of the expected birds. Also FOY whitefaces and a few other odes and some Laphria mating.

Monday 5/24: Hanscom didn’t have a ton, did get most of the Bedford year birds I wanted. Also a few more odes, some Syrphids, etc.

Tuesday 5/25: Quietish at Forest Grove, Willow Flycatcher and a couple Orchard Orioles about the most interesting.

‘Commute’ 240

After nothing new for the ‘commute’ list in a couple months (missing multiple Yellow-throated Warblers among other things), two this week. The Golden-winged Warbler at Mt. Auburn was moderately expected. This wasn’t though:

Night Herons

That means only 10 from the 250 milestone. Obvious birds remaining are Common Nighthawk (tougher because of the time that qualifies as ‘commuting’), Clay-colored Sparrow, Surf Scoter, Northern Saw-whet Owl, and Worm-eating Warbler. Others that seem reasonable include Lesser Black-backed Gull, Lapland Longspur, Gray-cheeked Thrush (have a /Bicknell’s that I could count), Red-headed Woodpecker, Upland Sandpiper, and Worm-eating Warbler. Black Vulture, Nelson’s Sparrow, White-eyed Vireo, Short-billed Dowitcher, and Sandhill Crane are all reasonable too. And plenty of random rarities.

Averaging 8-9 a year for the last couple years, so likely still a year away.

WIR 5/12-5/18

Wednesday 5/12: No YT Warbler or Summer Tanager at Mt. Auburn, Chestnut-sided new for the year about it.

Thursday 5/13: FOY Indigo Bunting and Scarlet Tanager plus a few other things at Weston Station Pond, although not as much as I had hoped. Orchard Oriole singing as I passed the res on the way home.

Friday 5/14: Orchard Oriole, redstart by the Braille Trail. Cape May by the pool, which was a patch bird for the Charles.

Saturday 5/15: Birdathon, repeated last year’s on foot attempt. Only had 70, which probably means last year’s was a good effort and not much higher is likely unless something dries out and gets shorebirds. Highlights were 2 Tennessee, a Bay-breasted, and Least Flycatcher.

Sunday 5/16: Did a loop of Mary Cummings, fairly quiet (and looked like that pretty much everywhere). Did have a Bay-breasted and a couple White-crowns. Saw a report of Lesser Yellowlegs in front of the Y, so stopped there on the way home, found 2 Solitaries. Had time to check the res too, loon was out in the middle but not much else.

Monday 5/17: Habitat was hopping. Blackpoll, Bay-breasted, Cape May, Blackburnian among 14 warblers plus a Swainson’s Thrush and 50+ species in total.

Tuesday 5/18: Bit slower at Tanner’s Brook. Another Bay-breasted was new for Lincoln. Also passed 1000 on my local towns yearlist project.

WIR 5/5-5/11

Wednesday 5/5: Gnatcatcher, Nashville, Black-and-white east of Watertown Sq (and Great Black-backed Gull was probably more interesting seasonally). Common Merganser by the dam with a waterthrush and couple other things. After seeing the waterbird fallout numbers from western MA, gave the res a quick look in the afternoon. Loon was the only thing of note and nothing on Hardy (although scoping the swallows may have added something if it wasn’t raining as hard).

Thursday 5/6: Finally got out to School St. Ibis flock remained plus yellowlegs, Spotted and Least Sandpiper, a pipit, and a Broad-wing. Another Spotted at Nine Acre but not much else in a quick drive around. Nothing at Flint’s, res, or Hardy either.

Friday 5/7: Reasonably good at BBN, 50+ species including 10 warblers plus FOY Wood Thrush and kingbird. Wish I got a bit more on what was surely a siskin. Something in there was #100 for the commute patch year list too.

Saturday 5/8: Attempted Squantum for the ebird big day. Started with a quick stop at Wollaston Beach for the Piping Plover then went to Squantum Point Park. Orchard Oriole was Norfolk #199. Also White-crowned Sparrow, a hummingbird, and a couple other things but not much. Squaw Rock was quiet. Orchard Beach had a couple terns and an oystercatcher. Quick stop at the marshes had egrets and yellowlegs. Res on the way home had a pile of swifts and 8 swans.

Sunday 5/9: Even though I would be too early in the day most likely, went to Two Rod to try for boghaunters. No luck with any odes but 13+ warblers including Prairie and Blackburnian plus a Broad-wing and what had to have been a calling loon overhead. Also would have been nice to get the very Worm-eating like triller to show in Concord.

Monday 5/10: Arlington Res was dead, Solitary the only thing new.

Tuesday 5/11: Usual migrants at BBN, Ovenbird singing from the yard.

WIR 4/28-5/4

Wednesday 4/28: Arlington Res had FOY Chimney Swift (‘commute’ #100!), Black-and-white Warbler, and Northern Waterthrush plus parula, lots of Yellow-rumps, a Purple Finch, etc.

Thursday 4/29: Yellow Warbler at Cookson, Warbling Vireo, Black-and-white, waterthrush, etc by Watertown Square.

Friday 4/30: Nothing much at the res. Kestrel at Hobbs Brook was somehow a patch bird (183). Had a few minutes still so walked up to Shade St. New trails have been cut but I only had time for the fire land, RB Grosbeak about it. Turkey in the yard later.

Saturday 5/1: Alewife, had almost 50 species on the north side then could barely find anything along the bike trail. Night-Heron and Rough-winged Swallows got me to 150 in Cambridge (minus Mt. Auburn), also most of the same warblers that have been in, a Green Heron, gnatcatcher, etc. Nothing at Blair Pond after.

Sunday 5/2: FOYs at Westborough WMA included oriole, Nashville, yellowthroat, YT Vireo. Nashville and RW Swallow were Worcester county birds as well. BT Blue and Yellow-rump in the yard later.

Monday 5/3: Eagle was the only thing of note at the res on the way to jury duty. Got out around noon, so made a loop of Horn Pond, which was pretty quiet for birds but had first Common Green Darner of the year plus a few butterflies.

Tuesday 5/4: Veery was new for the Charles at Forest Grove, plus Purple Finches and a few more patch commute year birds.

WIR 4/21-4/27

Wednesday 4/21: 

Thursday 4/22: BBN had 2 BH Vireo, a House Wren, ravens, and a few others.

Friday 4/23: Tanner’s Brook was fairly quiet.

Saturday 4/24: Went out to Assabet (south side) and the Desert. Flyover crossbills and a siskin or two plus lots of pine elfins and a few azures. No tiger beetles or other bugs of note. Got home in time for the DSA meeting.

Sunday 4/25: Went up to Essex county for my annual miss of White-faced Ibis. Started at Cherry Hill Res for the Cave Swallow though. Second pass it was perched along the side of the road (thanks Ava!). Spent half an hour with it and then half an hour waiting for it to come back. Rain started shortly after and no ibis were obvious as I drove by so I didn’t even stop (although as I write, no sightings yet today). Pulled in at Lake Quannapowitt on the way home just in case something came down in the rain, but Bufflehead was the only thing of mild interest. Even less at Cambridge Res.

Monday 4/26: Parula about it at Dunback.

Tuesday 4/27: Nothing new at BBN. Scanned Cutler Lake on the way home from a vaccine appointment, nothing there.

WIR 4/14-4/20

Wednesday 4/14: Fish Crow, Hermit Thrush, and not too much else at Falzone/West Meadow.

Thursday 4/15: Expected towhee, kestrel, Field Sparrow at Hanscom. No luck with a meadowlark or much else. Savannah Sparrows at Gaining Ground on the walk over.

Friday 4/16: Nothing of note on the res, nothing at Flint’s or Nine Acre, Tree Swallows in the snow at Hardy.

Saturday 4/17: Even less on the res. Great Egret at Fresh Pond was nice (and it was one of 5 new birds for me there, finally over 100). Nothing at Blair Pond or the duck ponds.

Sunday 4/18: Started at the Winthrop Greenway, which was fairly quiet. Stopped at Pico for oystercatcher and Revere Beach for Manx Shearwater (and got the Glaucous Gull without trying). Quick check of Earhart on the way home had a Harbor Seal.

Monday 4/19: Took the morning to work the Sudbury. Heard Pond had lots of Palms and Yellow-rumps plus a Bank Swallow. Water Row had another egret, a PB Grebe, a Merlin, and a harrier. Quick check of the res had 2 Bufflehead and a PB Grebe. Stopped at Waltham St and the ibis was flying around and visible from the car.

Tuesday 4/20: No solitaire or much else at Mt. Auburn. Did have a kinglet in the yard.

WIR 4/7-4/13

Wednesday 4/7: Sapsucker, Hermit Thrush, GH Owl at Hayden Woods. Greater Scaup and a bluebird at the res.

Thursday 4/8: Pretty busy at Weston Station Pond, year birds included Chipping Sparrow and Northern Rough-winged Swallow, plus commute Palm Warbler and a few other things.

Friday 4/9: Usual at Forest Grove, singing Rusty the most interesting.

Saturday 4/10: Went a bit west for some town list building. Not too much in Boxborough, got 7 (out of a hoped 13) plus a few more in Littleton. First butterfly of the year too with an azure.

Sunday 4/11: Nothing too exciting at Arlington Res, 3 swallows about it. Snipe at Waltham St, nothing at the res (although I thought I had a grebe from 128) or at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 4/12: PB Grebe, Swamp Sparrows in finally, few other things at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 4/13: Cabbage White at Gore, Fish Crow by Watertown Square.