Phone dinged while I was on a checkin call this morning. Cliff: “if you’re out birding, hudsonian godwit at lower mill st pond at beaver brook”. “!!!” Realized I had a couple hours before anything urgent, so I sent a quick message saying I’ll be back in an hour and ran out.

Twenty five minutes later:

GodwitYes, on the heavily vegetated side and not the drained pond.


County 302, patch 180!


Had the day off for Veteran’s Day (just like last year). Too windy for much, so I decided on a goose/duck loop. Eagle flyover at the res but not much else. Very brief stop at Flint’s didn’t appear to have much and I wasn’t about to get out and look. School St had a decent sized flock of pipits and a few larks but no geese. Prison fields had a few geese but at a bad angle. Nine Acre had nothing, so I thought about Spy Pond and maybe the Mystic Lakes.

Continuing down 117 from Nine Acre, noticed a bunch of geese on Farrar Pond so pulled in at the Mt. Misery lot and jogged back. Fortunately the hill blocked most of the wind. Started scanning the geese but noticed a swan that appeared to have a black bill. Jogged back for the scope, looked again, and started making phone calls. First chaseable Tundra Swan in the county in 20 years (and barely any anywhere nearby recently).

Two hours later I did actually check the geese and finally left another hour after that.

Tundra Swan

WIR 4/29-5/5

Wednesday 4/29: Barred Owl and Virginia Rail at College Pond.

Thursday 4/30: Waterthrush and BT Green at Arlington Res but not much else new.

Friday 5/1: RB Grosbeak and a couple BH Vireos at BBN.

Saturday 5/2: Grosbeaks and Yellow Warblers all over Dunback. Warbling Vireos and not too much else at Great Meadows. Cliff Swallow and Spotted Sandpiper at Nine Acre, 2 eagles at the res.

Sunday 5/3: Black-and-white, Ovenbird, Wood Thrush at Round Hill. Yellowthroat, 3 Broad-wings, lots of Pine Elfins at Assabet River. Orioles and tiger beetles at the Desert.

Monday 5/4: Couple Parulas among a pile of Yellow-rumps and handful of Palms at Heard Pond, plus a waterthrush or two and a few grosbeaks. Pileated flew over Rt. 30 on the way home.

Tuesday 5/5: Started raining heavily as I reached Purgatory Cove. Lots of Yellow-rumps again plus a couple Parulas, Bt Green, Northern Waterthrush, Black-and-white, Blue-headed Vireo, both orioles, etc. Back corner of the cove was where the excitement was when a large, long-winged, strongly notched tailed swallow buzzed over. Not ideal, but can’t make it anything but a martin.