WIR 8/22-8/28

Wednesday 8/22: Too rainy. Gave Norumbega a 2 minute check without anything.

Thursday 8/23: Nobscot again was pretty quiet. Kestrel, one flock of kingbirds about it.

Friday 8/24: Chestnut-sided, B&W, Redstart at Prospect Hill.

Saturday 8/25: Central sweep. Loons in close at Fitchburg Res. Pretty quiet at Blood Hill, BT Green, Yellow-rump, Ovenbird, Chestnut-sided, B&W in one flock and a few RB Nuthatches at the summit about it. Cormorant in the little farm pond on the way to Watatic was #100 for Ashby (town #18 to hit 100). Watatic itself was very quiet. Ruffed Grouse and Purple Finch were the interesting birds and a porcupine was quite nice. Fitch’s Bridge Rd had a bunch of interesting bugs, 5-7 Solitary Sandpipers, and little else.



Sunday 8/26: Joined the MBC walk at Horn Pond. Broad-wing there finally plus a few Redstarts and Black-and-whites. Continued to Sandy Beach where I had a Canada Warbler and Renee’s waterthrush. South end of the lakes had 3 Cooper’s, 4 ravens, and an eagle. Draw Seven had some Semipalmated Sandpipers.

Monday 8/27: Turkey Vulture on the water tower, Red-shoulder along the parkway at BBN.

Tuesday 8/28: Least Flycatcher, waterthrush, etc at Dunback.

WIR 8/15-8/21

Wednesday 8/15: Nothing much at BBN. Lot of odes flying around, but nothing landing.

Thursday 8/16: College Pond had 3+ Indigo Buntings, a redstart, a Chestnut-sided Warbler (finally for Weston), and a good number of other things.

Friday 8/17: No Olive-sided at Nobscot but 25+ kingbirds, a redstart, and a Black-and-white among others.

Saturday 8/18: Last Cranberry Bog ode walk of the season. Went to Nashoba Brook first, hoping to get the Westford list from 0 to 20 or 30. Barely managed 10 in steamy conditions. Cleared up as the walk started although we didn’t have anything exciting.

Sunday 8/19: Started at Draw Seven but the tide was still way up. Bobolink flying around was nice. Went over to Station Landing as I realized I still needed Common Tern for Medford. Got that, plus Great Egret and about 30 in total. Continued to Belle Isle, which was pretty quiet beyond some fly by GW Teal. The Key did have shorebirds including my first White-rumped Sandpipers for Suffolk. Revere Beach had a few Bonaparte’s Gulls but it was too windy to find anything on the water. Returned to Earhart where one interesting shorebird flew by but little else. Rechecked Draw Seven and only had 2 distant peep. Blair Pond had one Least, 30 waxwings but no shorebirds at Beaver Brook, and nothing at BBN.

Monday 8/20: RB Nuthatch and about nothing else at BBN.

Tuesday 8/21: Not much at Lot 1. Enough time to walk down to the West Meadow boardwalk. Quiet there but a Least Flycatcher popped up on the way back.

WIR 8/8-8/14

Wednesday 8/8: 3 Least, 1 Solitary, 1 Semipalmated Sandpiper at Blair Pond. Two more Least at BBN were overdue there (hopefully to be followed by a few other shorebirds this year).

Thursday 8/9: Solitary at BBN, but less of the rest (Cooper’s moving around didn’t help). Woods were 99% mosquitos.

Friday 8/10: Greater Yellowlegs, Solitary, not a whole lot else at Hobbs Brook.

Saturday 8/11: Beat the rain at Horn Pond. Nothing terribly exciting, Hooded Merganser and BC Night-Heron about it. Tried for any storm birds at Great Meadows but the rain didn’t make it there for a good hour even though it was pouring on 128 on the way over. Three Pileateds about it. Nothing at Flint’s, the res, or Hardy.

Sunday 8/12: Attempted Squantum. Very foggy, so started at Squaw Rock Park. Got about 30 feet and it started pouring, so retreated to the car. Eventually it stopped enough to loop around, nothing of interest. Marshes next, lots of peep including a White-rump off the hummock. Fog started to roll in again and I barely checked the pans (and now see that I missed a Stilt Sandpiper…). Decided to try Great Pond instead hoping that inland would have better visibility. It did, although it was a bit rainy. Ovenbird was a pretty nice bird for the spot, nothing else terribly exciting. Got halfway across the causeway and got a text about a Black Tern in Concord. Didn’t run back but didn’t continue either. An hour later and the tern was showing well, if distantly. None at the res and water level was back up a bit at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 8/13: Gnatcatcher and fog at Dunback.

Tuesday 8/14: More fog. Tried the Old Rt. 27 bridge, nothing much moving there and it’s a bit grown up for a good view right now. Had time, so ran over to Heard. A few yellowlegs flew around, an Osprey hunted, and a harrier passed over.

DSA 2018

All the way to Ludlow.

Thursday 8/2: Left the house around 8, was at the Longmeadow sand bar just after 9:30. About the second bird I saw was a juvenile tern, so doubled back for the scope. It appeared to be a Common (first one this year in the county). Decent bit of other stuff including an egret, a few other herons, a peep, etc. On to Fannie Stebbins. Hot and steamy plus wet trails made for a quiet walk. Tried Bondi’s Island next but I wasn’t up for dealing with the dump and moved on.Common TernCommon Tern


After a brief stop at Big Y for water, toothpaste, and lunch, I headed to Mt. Tekoa. Very quiet midafternoon and the distances in the directions didn’t line up (it said 1.1 miles to the reservoir, I went there and back and don’t think I hit one mile). Sapsucker was about the best thing. Made a couple stops along the river on Rt. 20 after but it was high and nothing was seen.

Got to the hotel a little after 4, went out with the group for dinner (forget the name of the place, decent chicken parm), and then got ready for the real meeting.

Friday 8/3: Started with a quick run to Walmart for the long-sleeved shirt I forgot. Drove with Dave, Shelley, and Lenore to the Wilbraham Cedar Swamp. Bit disappointing, we couldn’t find a way actually into the swamp and it was even hotter. Got lots of the usual odes, nothing exciting.

After lunch (forget where again, but good fish sandwich), we decided not to do the long walk at Conant Brook and just worked up the rivers a bit. All 3 dancers, a cooperative spinylegs, and a Swamp Spreadwing or two were the highlights. Got back to the hotel just ahead of a downpour. Later learned that the group that went to the dam had a large darner swarm right where they parked and no rain. Oh well.

Blue fronted DancerBlack shouldered Spinylegs

Swamp Spreadwing


Saturday 8/4: Rode with Glenn, Lenore, and Meena to Facing Rock WMA. Still cloudy (we were delayed an hour or two because of downpours) and nothing exciting here (ovipositing Shadow Darner below).

Ovipositing Shadow Darner

After a lunch stop (decent chicken wrap), we went to where Josh had found Tiger Spiketail last year. He forgot which street the trailhead was on and we ended up at a dead end. A dead end with a Tiger Spiketail flying around! After enjoying that, we found the right spot. I spotted another spiketail and a nymph was dug up.

Tiger Spiketail

Tiger viewing


We continued to a nearby river access where two Zebra Clubtails were flying around. The river was way too high however, and it quickly clouded up. Then started pouring. We bailed and headed towards the hotel but it cleared along the way, so we pulled in at Camp White. Big swarm of darners but all up high except for one Green-striped. Eventually gave up and got back to a car before an even heavier downpour started.

Green striped Darner

After getting back to the hotel, I checked in with Josh and found they had avoided the downpour. We met back up at Camp White but the rain apparently had ended the flight for the night. Stopped at Randall’s for ice cream instead of dinner.

Sunday 8/5: We started the day at Stebbins. It was fairly quiet again, but I did net a Brush-tipped Emerald. We eventually gave up and moved to the river. Turns out there was another access point. No luck with anything right at the river but Michael found a perched Riverine Clubtail and then I found a pair.Riverine ClubtailsRiverine Clubtail


It was pretty hot, so a few of us decided to head up into the hills. Glenn led us to the Keystone Arches Rail Trail. We had a presumed Ocellated Darner immediately but it wouldn’t cooperate. Moving further up the river, we found a bunch of clubtails. Most were Eastern Least but there was a Dragonhunter and 2 (still) unidentified Snaketails along with a Superb Jewelwing. Up the trail, we found a porcupine but no darner swarm. Back where we started, one Ocellated was  flying a regular enough pattern to net and confirm. And then I drove the 2.5 hours home.TetrigidOcellated Darner
Superb JewelwingDragonhunterLeast ClubtailSnaketails


WIR 8/1-8/7

Wednesday 8/1: Usual at Lot 1.

Thursday 8/2-Sunday 8/5: DSA regional meeting, separate post soon

Monday 8/6: Juv Towhee at BBN.

Tuesday 8/7: Nothing at the duck ponds.

WIR 7/25-7/31

Wednesday 7/25: No shorebirds or much of anything at the duck ponds or BBN.

Thursday 7/26: Nothing particularly exciting at Farm Pond.

Friday 7/27: Usual at Forest Grove, House Wren was a river year bird.

Saturday 7/28: Nothing at Nine Acre. Ospreys had fledged at Knox Trail. Ayer section of Oxbow NWR had a Tennessee Warbler and a good number of other things. And lots of mosquitos.

Sunday 7/29: Great Egret and not much else at Draw Seven/Earhart. Showed Karsten and a visitor around Hanscom, got just about everything expected other than Prairie Warbler.

Monday 7/30: Parula, 2 Redstarts, probably more at BBN.


Tuesday 7/31: Tried for another early warbler at Nobscot but settled for a woodcock.

WIR 7/18-7/24

Wednesday 7/18: RB Nuthatch at Dunback.

Thursday 7/19: Usual at Lot 1. Hummingbird at Pease and a flock of ibis over 95 were interesting.

Friday 7/20: Pair of Pileateds among the usual at Heard.

Saturday 7/21: Went down to Westport for the day. Gooseberry was nice, although would have been nicer if the King Eider and any of the seabirds showed up. Did have a few shorebirds, some other oversummering ducks, the Great Cormorant, and a few other things. Couldn’t turn up Seaside Sparrows at Allen’s Pond but had a bunch of Saltmarsh, a White-eyed Vireo, and a bit more. Finished with 14 Bristol county birds. Stopped at Draw Seven (4-6 Common Terns, no shorebirds) and Blair Pond (2 Least Sandpipers) on the way home.

Sunday 7/22: Too rainy, quick pond loop had the 2 loons at Flint’s but little else.

Monday 7/23: Distant Least Bittern at Great Meadows, not much else.

Tuesday 7/24: Marsh Wren, Osprey, FOY Lance-tipped Darner at Round Hill.

WIR 7/11-7/17

Wednesday 7/11: Eagle among the usual at Forest Grove.

Thursday 7/12: Green Heron and not a whole lot else at Lindentree.

Friday 7/13: Clamp-tipped Emerald about it at BBN.

Saturday 7/14: Did a coastal swing. No migrants at Deer Island, did get a handful of new site birds but none were exactly exciting. Big feeding flock off the tip had me go all the way back for the scope, but couldn’t pull anything besides common gulls and terns. Belle Isle had a few shorebirds. Tide too high at Draw Seven.

Sunday 7/15: Lazy so just got eaten by mosquitos at BBN/West Meadow/duck ponds. Got scared by a turkey and had a Black-shouldered Spinylegs at the ponds, not much else.

Monday 7/16: Quiet at Kaveski/Meriam’s.

Tuesday 7/17: Prairie Warbler and little else at Hobbs Brook, water level way too high still (and another inch and a half of rain in the afternoon can’t help).

WIR 7/4-7/10

Wednesday 7/4: Sandy Beach had an event, so straight to Draw Seven. Few terns and the rest of the usual. Same at Sylvester Baxter and Earhart. Too hot for anything else.

Thursday 7/5: Two woodcock would have been the highlight at BBN except for this Lawrence’s Warbler:

Lawrence s

Friday 7/6: Quiet at the duck ponds.

Saturday 7/7: Concord 4th of July butterfly count, very quiet. Black Dash was about the best butterfly, nothing exciting for odes or birds.

Sunday 7/8: Tried to refind the Lawrence’s with no luck (no Blue-wings either). Several Mocha Emeralds and a Black-tipped Darner were nice. Carlisle walk had a Sweetflag Spreadwing and the usual.

Monday 7/9: Had College Pond to myself thanks to construction. Barred Owl was calling as I walked in, Mocha Emeralds everywhere and probably a Spatterdock Darner too.

Tuesday 7/10: Day trip to NJ, a Broad-wing over the Pike and Fish Crows in the neighborhood were the only things of note.

WIR 6/27-7/3

Wednesday 6/27: FOY Calico Pennant in Sudbury.

Thursday 6/28: Way too rainy in the morning. Nothing at the res on the way home, RB Grosbeak in the yard though.

Friday 6/29: More of the same.

Saturday 6/30: Went to Hanscom before it got too hot (and the games started). Slowish start but ended with 48+ species including first for Bedford Orchard Oriole and American Woodcock plus FOY Widow Skimmers.

Sunday 7/1: Nice Eastern Least Clubtail photos and not a ton else at Bertozzi.

Least Clubtail

Monday 7/2: Sat at Flint’s for an hour, mostly sorting through swallows. FOY Familiar Bluet and Swift River Cruiser and the loon showed up as I was about to pack up.

Tuesday 7/3: Young Spotted Sandpiper and otherwise too hot at Great Meadows.