WIR 9/14-9/20

Wednesday 9/14: Green Heron and nothing else at Forest Grove/Purgatory.

Thursday 9/15: Good start with 5 species of warbler at BBN and then nothing for the remaining 50 minutes.

Friday 9/16: Wilson’s and BT Green at Dunback. Also woken up by a screech-owl.

Saturday 9/17: Started at Alewife. Pretty quiet, a couple Purple Finches by the ponds and then a long walk in the wooded section for a redstart. Continued to Waltham St. Main section was dead (1 Palm, 1 Indigo, 10 Song Sparrows, 6 goldfinches, and that was about it). Tried the greenhouse side and a Connecticut popped up. Unfortunately right as Marj walked in, so I waved instead of photographing and it disappeared before she caught up. Very few birds at Hobbs Brook but a Familiar Bluet finally along with a decent number of other odes and butterflies. Twelve+ Ring-necks and an Osprey at the res, people walking around on Old County so didn’t check.

Sunday 9/18: MBC walk at BBN was dead. Little bit more at the duck ponds after, then a few plovers, peep, and teal at the Old County end of the res. Main section of the res had some ducks including 10ish Wigeon and 20ish Ring-necks plus an early coot. Egret by Trapelo was the first that’s made it to that side.

Monday 9/19: Old County Rd had the same and then it rained too hard to see anything.

Tuesday 9/20: Usual at Hobbs Brook.

WIR 9/7-9/13

Wednesday 9/7: Too much traffic to make it around the res, so went down Old County instead. Picked a White-rump out of the peeps and then a Stilt Sandpiper in closer, both new for my res list! Egret at Heard Pond too.

Thursday 9/8: Hobbs Brook had a/the White-rump.

Friday 9/9: More or less the same along Old County minus the Stilt.

Saturday 9/10: BBN had 2 migrants: a Chestnut-sided and a Philadelphia Vireo. Single Solitary at the duck ponds. Couldn’t find the Ring-necks at the res and nothing else too interesting there. One White-rump on Old County and 2 more at Hobbs Brook. Evening visit to Great Meadows was quiet.

Sunday 9/11: Plum for the first time in ages. Seems a lot of the good shorebirds had moved on but a few things still around. After almost getting caught in the downpour, I did have a bit of success on the Hellcat trails. Short stop at the harbor after had a decent number of terns.

Monday 9/12: Blackpoll and Nashville at Prospect Hill.

Tuesday 9/13: Nashville, 2 Redstarts, and a heard only Dickcissel at Round Hill.

Recent Patch Ticks

Got around to a few flickr uploads, so here’s some recent highlights:

Shorebird Party

White-rumped Sandpiper and friends, Hobbs Brook (technically not new since this was the 2nd or 3rd of 3-4 this week).

Stilt Sandpiper

Stilt Sandpiper, Old County RdYellow-throated Vireo

Yellow-throated Vireo, BBN

WIR 8/31-9/6

Wednesday 8/31: Same at Hobbs Brook

Thursday 9/1: Nothing at the duck ponds or Rock Meadow. A few Bank Swallows mixed in on Pelham Island Rd and the loon at the res.

Friday 9/2: RB Nuthatch in the yard and then a raven and little else at Dunback.

Saturday 9/3: Out to Watatic for darners. Next to no luck with those but 8 warbler species including first migrant Parula and Canada of the fall (plus Redstart, Pine, BT Blue, Yellowthroat, Ovenbird, and Black-and-white), 2 sapsuckers, and a junco. Nothing on the Nashua. Lots of yellowlegs and teal on Old County Rd.

Sunday 9/4: Started at Millennium for the Red-necked Phalarope, which was basically at our feet. Continued to Horn Pond where I couldn’t find the Stilt Sandpiper or shoveler but did dig out a White-rump. Afternoon loop of the res had 45+ yellowlegs on Old County, lots of peep at Hobbs Brook, and 4 Ring-necks, a Wigeon, 4 Least and 2 Solitary Sandpipers, a Peregrine, and an Osprey at the res.

Monday 9/5: Wandered towards the coast, nothing much at Earhart, Belle Isle, or Deer Island.

Tuesday 9/6: Couple snipe but little else at Great Meadows. 

WIR 8/24-8/30

Wednesday 8/24: Patch tick Yellow-throated Vireo at BBN.

Thursday 8/25: Nothing exciting at College Pond. Merlin on the way home.

Friday 8/26: Absolutely nothing at Forest Grove (plus a text about a Lark Sparrow at Hobbs Brook, which was the other spot I had debated for the morning).

Saturday 8/27: Nothing interesting at the res or Hobbs Brook. Laughing Gull was still at the Earhart Dam plus some interesting odes.

Sunday 8/28: Joined the MBC walk at Horn Pond. Had the Little Blue plus a GW Teal before joining the group and a couple Pecs and a BW Teal after the trip ended. Went up to Dunstable with Alan for odes after and saw very little.

Monday 8/29: Tons of egrets and a raven at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 8/30: Presumably the same YT Vireo and little else at BBN.

WIR 8/17-8/23

Wednesday 8/17: Very quiet at Dunback.

Thursday 8/18: Little drizzle as I was leaving, so went to Hobbs Brook (2 egrets, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs) and Flint’s (nothing much).

Friday 8/19: BBN had a RB Nuthatch and interesting Buteo that got away.

Saturday 8/20: Started at the Desert, which didn’t have the target but plenty of other stuff. Continued to Wachusett Res without the Laughing Gull (I think, one dark immature way out looked interesting) but a few Worcester county birds. On to Ashby, where the fire department was at the Watatic entrance, so I went to Ashby WMA instead and saw very little. Back down to the Nashua which was pretty much a repeat of last time. Stopped on Old County Rd on the way home and had 4 egrets (2 Snowy, 2 Great) fly in close.

Sunday 8/21: Start at Dunback got interesting when what had to be a Red-headed Woodpecker flew over. Couldn’t track it down and other than a few Broad-wings had little else. Went back to the Squannacook and had 7 rubyspots.

Monday 8/22: Checked Hayden but had nothing.

Tuesday 8/23: Nothing exciting at Dunback (beyond a possible Purple Finch). Had the loon and Ring-neck at the res on the way home.

WIR 8/10-8/16

Wednesday 8/10: Usual at College Pond. Picked up creeper for the first half of August finally (and then Bald Eagle at the res on the way home).

Thursday 8/11: Lesser Yellowlegs at Norumbega, usual at Purgatory.

Friday 8/12: Fairly quiet at Great Meadows, handful of shorebirds, cooperative Green Heron.

Saturday 8/13: Started at Horn Pond and made it as far as the second opening by the mud flat. Tons and tons of peeps with a White-rumped eventually appearing. Backtracked a bit to show others and get pictures and a second joined it, both eventually coming to naked eye range. Hobbs Brook had next to nothing but a Ring-neck and 4 GW Teal at the res were nice. Least Sandpipers finally at the duck ponds.

Sunday 8/14: Early BT Green at BBN, but otherwise quiet there, the West Meadow, and the duck ponds. Nothing much at Hobbs Brook, only 1 teal at the res, and a few more shorebirds at the Rt. 2/Old County end (plus an egret as I got on Rt. 2).

Monday 8/15: Heard Farm for a change, fairly quiet.

Tuesday 8/16: Waterthrush and not much else at Forest Grove (nothing at Norumbega on the way).

WIR 8/3-8/9

Wednesday 8/3: First Black-and-white of the fall at BBN.

Thursday 8/4: Blue-winged and the usual at Dunback.

Friday 8/5: Usual at College Pond.

Saturday 8/6: Two Snowies at Hobbs Brook, quiet ode walk at the Cranberry Bog.

Sunday 8/7: Went out to the Nashua and Squannacook with Alan. Caught a Zebras and had another briefly pose but no luck with Arrows. Got rather wet in the Squannacook and we were probably too early for rubyspots. Went to Horn Pond after for Karsten’s sandpiper, good show if a bit confusing.

Monday 8/8: Family of pewees and nothing else at Prospect Hill.

Tuesday 8/9: First redstart of the fall at Dunback.

WIR 7/27-8/2

Wednesday 7/27: Fairly quiet at Rock Meadow and still nothing at the duck ponds.

Thursday 7/28: Most of the interesting shorebirds had left Hobbs Brook.

Friday 7/29: Nothing exciting at Great Meadows.

Saturday 7/30: Good numbers of shorebirds at Horn Pond included a Semipalmated Sandpiper and 2 Lesser Yellowlegs along with a RB Nuthatch. Great Egret at Hobbs Brook, nothing at the res or duck ponds.

Sunday 7/31: Snowy Egret at Hobbs Brook (plus an interesting emerald that didn’t slow down). Cliff Swallow at Great Meadows, loon and eagle at the res.

Monday 8/1: A few sandpipers at Norumbega (now to figure out how to really stop and scan), usual stuff at Purgatory with a few more Leasts flying around.

Tuesday 8/2: Pretty much the same at Hobbs Brook (2nd Great Egret was presumably new).

WIR 7/20-7/26

Wednesday 7/20: Usual at BBN in the morning. Got to work (with a Broad-wing flyover on the way) and got a call from Marj about ibises at Hobbs Brook, so stopped on the way home. Was rather surprised by a small white heron with them, although a quick check showed multiple reports of a Little Blue. Not often I get two new birds for a location like this anymore.

Thursday 7/21: Nothing of much note at Forest Grove.

Friday 7/22: Fox, lots of Wild Indigo Duskywings, and a family of Phoebes giving odd calls at Prospect Hill.

Saturday 7/23: Fairly good morning at the Desert Natural Area, nothing terribly exciting beyond first of fall Solitary Sandpiper and a woodcock. Ibis still at Hobbs Brook along with FOF Lesser Yellowlegs and Semipalmated Sandpiper plus baby Spotted Sandpipers.

Sunday 7/24: Quiet at Great Meadows, the same minus the ibis at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 7/25: Gnatcatchers and the usual at Dunback.

Tuesday 7/26: Family of Cooper’s Hawks and a Swamp Darner at the duck ponds.