WIR 3/22-3/28

Monday 3/22: Prospect Hill in the drizzle. Killdeer flying over turned out to be new for me at the site but otherwise very little.

Tuesday 3/23: Hardy Pond in the heavier rain. Scanned quickly as I pulled up and saw 2 Bufflehead and almost didn’t bother looking again after I ate. Good thing I did as I immediately rushed out of the car to get the scope on 3 Lesser Scaup. Otherwise about the same as the last week (wigeon were up to 4 but no new arrivals).

Wednesday 3/24: Woerd Ave at lunch. Too windy and wet to find much, but 8 ring-necks were in the cove.

Thursday 3/25: Took a long walk at Beaver Brook North but didn’t see much of anything.

Friday 3/26: Cold and didn’t go out.

Saturday 3/27: Dunback and Waltham St. in the morning. Red-shouldered Hawk was the big highlight, but several Wilson’s Snipe weren’t bad either. Arlington Res later was pretty quiet.

Sunday 3/28: Did some work on future trail locations at Lot 1 in the morning. Poked around a bit first without much of anything. Since the Sage Thrasher was back at Salisbury, I finally made the effort in the afternoon and watched it feed for about 40 minutes (pictures sooner or later, other things are more important right now).