WIR 5/10-5/16

Monday 5/10: Prospect Hill had a couple interesting potential breeders.

Tuesday 5/11:¬†Charles: Least Flycatcher, Wilson’s Warbler plus the regulars.

Wednesday 5/12: Hardy Pond had a big flock of swallows including 4 Cliff. Afternoon walk over added Spotted Sandpiper.

Thursday 5/13: BBN before work: Common Loon, Least Flycatcher, several warblers including Magnolia, Eastern Wood-Pewee. Duck ponds at lunch had family of Wood Ducks, a catbird that really sounded like a Yellow Warbler and several Red Admirals (although first of year was at work on the way).

Friday 5/14: Beaver Brook had a Magnolia, 2 Redstarts, and a Blue-headed Vireo (and more but I spent too much time chasing a Yellow Warbler around a cedar). Stepped outside at 6 to get the birdathon count going and 2 Osprey flew over!

Saturday 5/15: Birdathon, separate post coming but 2 greenway ticks got me over 150.

Sunday 5/16: Mt. Auburn for the BBC. First loop had poor view of a Bay-breasted and better views of a Wilson’s but not a whole lot more. Went back for a second loop (now that the birdathoners were awake and around) and had a nice Canada, heard more Bay-breasts, etc. Finally got Chestnut-sided and Veery for the year. Slept the rest of the day.