WIR 8/3-8/9

Tuesday 8/3: Charles had no merganser and not much else.

Wednesday 8/4: Prospect Hill was pretty quiet but a Black-shouldered Spinylegs was nice.

Thursday 8/5: Duck ponds had 2 Solitary Sandpipers and a Green Heron (site tick).

Friday 8/6: Lyman Pond had lots of Wood Duck but no shorebirds.

Saturday 8/7: Started at Dunback. Lots around including a Brown Thrasher, several Baltimore Orioles and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, many hummingbirds, and a bluebird. Moved on to Purgatory Cove where there was a Cooper’s Hawk and several Least Sandpipers. Green Heron was new to my Charles list, as was the pewee singing near the little building. Drove out to Water Row afterwards but didn’t see anything worth stopping for. Walking down Moody St. after dinner, had a Black-crowned Night-Heron below the dam (and a mallard feeding in the middle of the waterfall).

Sunday 8/8: Rock Meadow had an Ovenbird, 2 hummingbirds, 3 Indigo Buntings, and 2 Orchard Orioles. Cambridge Res was about the same. Stood around the tower at Great Meadows for 45 minutes without anything of note.


Monday 8/9: Charles had a couple Wood Ducks but nothing else different.