WIR 11/10-11/16

Wednesday 11/10: BBN was quiet, juncos must have moved on.

Thursday 11/11: Started the day off at Dunback, where we had 2 Fox Sparrows and a Yellow-rump. On to Fresh Pond with 5 Canvasbacks, many Ring-necks and Ruddies, and a Lesser Scaup.

Friday 11/12: Charlesbank had tons of coots (35 or so) but not much else.

Saturday 11/13: Started at Cambridge Res with a big flock of Ring-necks and other stuff in awful light. Flint’s was pretty quiet, Great Meadows was very quiet beyond a Common Yellowthroat. In the afternoon, we went back around the res and succeeded in finding the Red-throated Loon that had been around (189 for Waltham) and then found a big flock of coots and wigeon with some Gadwall instead of the Ring-necks. Arlington Res was quiet.


Sunday 11/14: Horn Pond was on the quiet side. Highlights were a Great Blue Heron sitting at eye level, a White-throated Sparrow chasing a moth around almost at our feet, and a Great Horned Owl (in the open, yet I still walked by it repeatedly even knowing it was around).

Hold Still

Great Horned

Monday 11/15: Out doing chaperone duty at Harvard in Kenmore Square, so ran through the Victory Gardens while I waited. Probably 3 individual Blackpolls, an Orange-crowned, and a Baltimore Oriole made for a decent hour.

Tuesday 11/16: Back end of Prospect Hill. Didn’t stumble across any owls or Pileated but a raven flew over calling, first I’ve had there in quite some time. Also pretty sure a couple peepers were calling by the vernal pool.