WIR 12/29-1/4

Wednesday 12/29: River Walk: 16 Ring-necks, 7 Common Mergansers, Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Thursday 12/30: Scheduled but unknown power outage at work got me out for an extra hour. Wandered Dunback, nothing particularly interesting.

Friday 12/31: Started off at the Charles, 3 goldeneye plus the rest of the regulars. Moody St had a wigeon and the Lesser Black-back returning.


Lesser presumably

Saturday 1/1: BBC Trip

Sunday 1/2: Quick run down the Charles. Very little on the way down, but there was a yellow-billed goldeneye on the way back, so 3 straight winters with a Barrow’s now. Turned around to leave her and noticed a Merlin on the light poles.



Monday 1/3: Duck ponds were pretty quiet.

Tuesday 1/4: Paine, zip.