WIR 5/5-5/11

Thursday 5/5: Duck ponds had a few warblers, a grosbeak, and a Green Heron.

Friday 5/6: White-fronted still along the Charles, pretty quiet otherwise.

Saturday 5/7: Complete loop at Prospect Hill. Good number of warblers including Blackburnian and Northern Waterthrush. Also a sapsucker, 3 deer, Field Sparrow, many Indigo Buntings and tanagers, etc.

Sunday 5/8: Oxbow with Josh Rose and Tom Murray. Successfully found a couple Ringed Boghaunters, plus a few baskettails and a whiteface. Also a nice mix of Spring and Cherry Gall Azures, a Question Mark, and 40ish species of birds including Yellow-throated Vireo and drumming Ruffed Grouse.

Monday 5/9: Beaver Brook was very quiet (too windy?). BT Green, couple Yellow-rumps, and a Savannah Sparrow were about it.

Tuesday 5/10: Hardy Pond had 2 Ruddy and lots of swallows but they were all Tree and Barn.

Wednesday 5/11: Purgatory Cove was quiet.