WIR 11/16-11/22

Wednesday 11/16: Lot 1 had nothing unusual.

Thursday 11/17: Hardy Pond: 1 coot, 1 hoodie, 20ish Ruddy, 2 Great Blue Heron. Cambridge Res: nothing on the first scan but eventually saw a large, dark thing way off. That was a Herring Gull, but scoping that general area turned up a small flock. In the flock, I found a spectacular male Long-tailed Duck, a Red-necked Grebe, and 3 Ruddy. While trying for phone-scoped photos, I noticed something else coming into sight, which turned into a flock of 9 Black Scoter. Also present were a few more Hoodies, 3 Bufflehead, and the big flock of coot.

Lunch jackpot

Somebody returned to the feeder at night.

Friday 11/18: Prospect Hill had nothing around the back side.

Saturday 11/19: Walked through Lot 1 and the West Meadow. Two Rusty Blackbirds at the Falzone parking lot and 3 deer in the big field were about it. On to Dunback, where a Winter Wren cooperated but Fox Sparrows didn’t. Cambridge Res and Flint’s Pond in the afternoon didn’t have anything different.

Sunday 11/20: Pelagic was canceled, on the Cape.

Monday 11/21: No booby again. Herring Cove was loaded with birds with thousands of mergansers and scoters and good numbers of Razorbills. Gannets at Race Point would have made for great photos but it was too windy to attempt holding the camera steady. Again no luck with the Ash-throated and not much else at Fort Hill.

Tuesday 11/22: Figured out why my side had been sore for a couple days, a nice tick. Morning at the doctor meant no birding time.