WIR 11/23-29

Wednesday 11/23: Quick scan of Hardy Pond and Cambridge Res didn’t appear to have anything new, although it was too cold and nasty to bother getting the scope out.

Thursday 11/24: Out to New Salem for Thanksgiving. Heard a Pileated but a walk through the center of town didn’t find anything.

Friday 11/25: Stopped at the School St. Fields in Acton on the way home and found a nice harrier. Flint’s Pond had a Double-crested Cormorant and a bunch of Common Mergansers among other ducks.

Saturday 11/26: Cassin’s Kingbird and Sandhill Crane. Also Lady sp and 2 presumed Common Green Darners at Plum.

Sunday 11/27: Tried Waltham St. and Dunback. Fog didn’t clear until I was leaving but did manage a brief view of the Lark Sparrow and spished up something a bit more interesting:


Monday 11/28: BBN along the parkway had nothing exciting.

Tuesday 11/29: Purgatory Cove had 2 Ring-necks and 5 Wood Duck (plus Green-winged Teal that I didn’t see). There were 7 wigeon, 2 coots, and a Pied-billed Grebe on the river.