WIR 4/11-4/17

Wednesday 4/11: Didn’t get out and nothing exciting around home.

Thursday 4/12: Went to Purgatory Cove and intended to walk Forest Grove but it started raining and hailing. Swallows on the river.

Friday 4/13: Palm Warblers at Prospect Hill.

Saturday 4/14: Started with a Red-belly in the yard. Joined the MBC trip at Horn Pond where we had a Rusty Blackbird, Pine, Palm, and Yellow-rumped Warblers, a raven or two, and quick views of what was probably a bittern. I hung around for a while hoping for that to pop up again and added a snipe but never got a better view. Checking the path to the West Meadow boardwalk on the way home, I had my first Chipping Sparrows of the year. Also an interesting hawk that will get a post of its own eventually.

Sunday 4/15: Led an MBC walk through Lot 1 and the West Meadow. Fairly quiet, but 2 Hermit Thrushes and a bunch of Chipping and Savannah Sparrows were nice. Afternoon walk around Lindentree and Mt. Misery turned up a singing Winter Wren and a Pileated. Plus a beaver, first Common Green Darners of the year and a couple teneral damsels (forktails presumably).

Drinking Pileated


Winter Wren

Monday 4/16: Sapsucker at Arlington Res but not much else. Green-winged Teal at the north end of the Cambridge Res. About the same in Lincoln (trading a snipe for the wren). And more of the same in Hayden Woods.

Tuesday 4/17: Two Killdeer, 8 Wood Duck, 1 Yellow-rump, lots of Green Darners at the duck ponds.