WIR 10/31-11/6

Wednesday 10/31: Purgatory Cove: Great Cormorant had moved down here. Water level up, one of the docks was by the road, and the path through the woods along the edge was taped off but otherwise not bad. Birds were slow beyond the cormorant. Driving out, I saw some white along the water by Mt. Feake, so pulled in at the boat ramp. Couldn’t see it from there so walked the trail a short distance and found the egret.

Thursday 11/1: Went to Purgatory Cove before work. One of the cormorants was roosting on the island (and a second swimming around, possibly a third too). Osprey overhead and a calling winter finch were about it otherwise. Coot count at Charlesbank was up to 45. Quick scan of Mt. Feake on the way back to the office didn’t turn up the egret, but one of the cormorants was sitting on the dock at the boat ramp.

Friday 11/2: Rock Meadow was pretty quiet.

Saturday 11/3: Started at Waltham St. One Tree Sparrow, a good number of Red-wings, and not much else. Moved on to Dunback, where I met up with Marj and Renee. We had 3 Fox Sparrows, about 15 Purple Finches, 7 Pine Siskin, and a Gray Catbird. I continued on to the West Meadow where a Marsh Wren was chattering (second patch record!). Walked back through BBN, where one of the first birds I found was an Orange-crowned Warbler (#202 for Waltham!).

Marsh Wren

Sunday 11/4: Went to Plum Island for the first time in months. Eurasian Wigeon was obvious, usual sea stuff (tons of scoter) and good numbers of Snow Buntings. Missed crossbills here, along with Purple Sandpiper and probably some other stuff. Went over to Salisbury where the White-winged Crossbills put on a good show. A quick scan of the ocean had more of the same as Plum plus a flock of Green-winged Teal (on the water). Horned Larks over the parking lot made for a good finish. Also a few Monarchs at both places and an Autumn Meadowhawk at Salisbury.

Monday 11/5: Prospect Hill: no hoped for winter finches but 5 Hermit Thrushes and a few waxwings were nice.

Tuesday 11/6: Light enough to bird in the morning again, so went to Dunback before work. Five Fox Sparrows (including a sining one) were the highlight. Rock Meadow later had 2 more. A quick stop at Hardy Pond on the way to vote added a Gadwall and a good number of Hooded Mergansers.