WIR 2/27-3/5

Wednesday 2/27: Didn’t get out.

Thursday 2/28: Riverwalk about the same. Raccoon returned to the feeders at night.

Friday 3/1: Forest Grove: heard a Wood Duck and that was about it. Chipmunks out in force in the yard.

Saturday 3/2: Grackles found the yard. Started in Wayland, where there were 5 Green-winged Teal and 2 American Wigeon among other things behind the town building. Nothing exciting by Heard Pond and quick drivebys of Water Row and Nine Acre Corner didn’t add much. School St. Fields turned up about 20 Horned Larks and 2 Killdeer (plus a bluebird, with another right at the rotary). Flint’s Pond was frozen. With time to scope the ducks on Cambridge Res, I added a female Red-breasted Merganser and a Canvasback(!) along with more of the usual. Quick check of Hardy Pond had the scaup and good numbers of Great Black-backed Gulls.


Phone-scoped Aythya

Sunday 3/3: Meriam’s Corner and Kaveski were pretty quiet. Continued to Great Meadows. Started slow, but while trying to find ducks on the river I found the Red-shouldered Hawk that’s been hanging around and then a pair of Pileateds! Also had some redpolls fly over and bluebirds were mobbing the hawk on the way back. Checked the res again after and had almost exactly the same totals.



Monday 3/4: Had 3 birds total at Prospect Hill.

Tuesday 3/5: Purgatory Cove: just starting to open, good number of Mallards. On the river were more of the same plus a few Ring-necks. Two flickers and a bunch of robins were probably a sign of early migrants.