WIR 5/29-6/4

Wednesday 5/29: Nothing on Hardy or the res.

Thursday 5/30: Great Meadows early, nothing too exciting. Wood Ducklings leaving a box was the best thing. Nothing too exciting at Prospect Hill either.

Friday 5/31: Dusted and Indian Skippers at BBN.

Saturday 6/1: Went exploring in Townsend for a bit. Caught lots and lots of Common Baskettails and had a few other things. Then went and chased a pelican that had apparently flown off half an hour before I started heading that way.

Sunday 6/2: Led a BBC trip to Great Meadows. Highlights were Least Bittern, American Coot, and a Mink stalking several families of Virginia Rail.


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Went to the Carlisle Cranberry Bog after.

Monday 6/3: Orchard Oriole singing at Hardy Pond.

Tuesday 6/4: Usual birds (including ravens) and bugs at Prospect Hill.