WIR 8/7-8/13

Wednesday 8/7: Found something

Thursday 8/8: Nothing exciting at Purgatory Cove (beyond a Bank Swallow and a couple Yellow Warblers). First juv Least Sandpiper at the duck ponds but nothing better.

Friday 8/9: Rainy and lazy

Saturday 8/10: Great Meadows: Semipalmated Plover, 11 egrets, not a whole lot else.

Sunday 8/11: Checked out the Massport trail at Hanscom, nothing too exciting. Then on to an ode walk at the Cranberry Bog, where a Green-striped Darner was the best.

Monday 8/12: Dunback briefly (trails overgrown, 1 redstart, lots of wrens). Six plus Solitaries at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 8/13: BBN: flushed a woodcock, otherwise about the same. No changes other than fewer Solitaries at the ponds.