WIR 10/2-10/8

Wednesday 10/2: Wandered Lincoln for a bit in the morning without seeing too much (missed a Connecticut by a few minutes). A Band-winged Meadowhawk over the yard in the afternoon tied my late date.

Thursday 10/3: Went somewhere slightly different for a change, McClennen Park in Arlington. Lots of sparrows but nothing unusual. Stopped at Arlington Res after, a Ring-necked Duck among the Mallards was it. Then on to Arlington Great Meadows to look for Buck Moths. No luck with those but 10 wigeon and a Solitary Sandpiper were on the Waldorf Pond and a couple Parula were in the trees back at the car.

Friday 10/4: BBN and Waltham St were on the quiet side.

Saturday 10/5: Started at the Wayland Community Gardens. Nothing too exciting, assuming the junco isn’t anything. Cambridge Res next: 21 Ring-necks, 3 Pied-billed Grebes, 1 eagle. North end had 2 Least, 1 Solitary, 1 Spotted, and 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, a Greater Yellowlegs, a Semipalmated Plover, and the two Blue-winged Teal. After a call from Marj, I headed to Waltham St where the Clay-colored cooperated briefly (but longer than the Yellow-billed Cuckoo).



Sunday 10/6: Cambridge Res: nothing, Flint’s Pond: nothing, north end of Cambridge Res: similar shorebirds to previous days, Hardy Pond: nothing. In nice weather too.

Monday 10/7: Rock Meadow: Meadowlark (1st record for the site?), lots of common stuff. Cambridge Res: Great Cormorant.

Tuesday 10/8: Prospect Hill: 6 species of warblers, multiple sapsuckers, a bunch of Blue-headed Vireos. Nothing at Waltham St.