WIR 12/4-12/10

Wednesday 12/4: Dunback and Waltham St were fairly quiet beyond the continuing catbird.

Thursday 12/5: Started at BBN and the West Meadow. Loads of robins, starlings, and turkeys but not much else. Continued to the res, where the usual ducks were still around (but since it’s December 6 of the 15 entries on the eBird checklist were caught by the filters for high counts). School St was quiet. Decided to scan through geese at Nine Acre Corner on the way home. Got out of the car at Willow Guzzle and the first bird I saw was another late catbird. Also another 40 or so turkeys but nothing in the 150ish geese.

Friday 12/6: Did some scouting at the field station with nothing much to show for it. Quick stop at Hardy Pond had the usual, Bufflehead and Kingfisher the most interesting.

Saturday 12/7: Nothing much at Purgatory Cove. Winter Wren at Forest Grove. Nothing along Moody St. Then chased a flycatcher.

Wayland Empid

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Sunday 12/8: Savannah Sparrows at Waltham St, Barred and Great Horned Owls plus 2 Winter Wrens at Dunback.


Monday 12/9: Nothing.

Tuesday 12/10: Started at the river walk. Fairly quiet other than a creeper which was new for the spot. Nothing in a quick check of the gulls at Moody St and nothing by Purgatory Cove. Swung by the res on the way home, tons of ducks (225+ Ring-necks, 10+ Greater Scaup, 60+ Ruddy, 75+ Hoodie) and a Common Loon.