WIR 3/5-3/11

Wednesday 3/5: Horn Pond: Missed the Horned Grebe but a calling Red-shouldered Hawk was nice.

Thursday 3/6: Riverwalk: 3 Greater and 5 Lesser Scaup.

Friday 3/7: Caught up with the Shoveler at Alewife plus Buzz and Ruby and my first singing Red-winged Blackbird of the spring.

Muddy Shoveler

Saturday 3/8: Birder’s meeting all day.

Sunday 3/9: Started at Forest Grove, which was colder than expected. A Red-breasted Merganser was among the ducks (along with 2 Common Mergansers and 3 Ring-necks) and there were a few blackbirds around. Next stop was Newton City Hall where a quick check did not turn up the Eurasian Teal. Back to the river walk which was quiet (another Red-wing, only 34 Ring-necks and 1 Lesser Scaup). Nothing much at Moody St either. Got most of the way around and started thinking about how I had seen no raptors. Looked up and a Peregrine was buzzing over.

Monday 3/10: BBN was quieter than I expected. Ended up seeing more in 15 minutes at the duck ponds than I did in an hour plus there, but nothing of note at either.

Tuesday 3/11: Started in Wayland with the expected stuff along Water Row. Heard Pond area was quiet, Hager Pond had the usual, and a Rusty and some teal were at the Pelham Island Rd bridge. Nice out, so I hiked up Prospect Hill. Ravens at the nest but no vultures or anything else good passing by.