WIR 3/26-4/1

Wednesday 3/26: Too cold.

Thursday 3/27: Riverwalk was quiet, as was Moody St. Great Cormorant on the way back though. Pulled in at Forest Grove quickly and had 2 of both cormorants and 2 Tree Swallows over the river.

Friday 3/28: BBN was pretty quiet. Yellow-rump by the cemetery, bluebirds by the parkway and not much else.

Saturday 3/29: Great Meadows again, nothing too exciting beyond a Red-shoulder. Looped School St and Nine Acre without anything of note.

Sunday 3/30: Looped Hardy Pond to School St to Waltham St without anything too exciting.

Monday 3/31: Too cold and wet. But where was that goose the last 4 times I’ve been through Nine Acre?

Tuesday 4/1: Went goose hunting. No Barnacle, 300ish Canadas, a few ducks, and a Pileated. And a yard visitor.

Ugly Bird