WIR 12/31-1/6

Wednesday 12/31: Looking for one last year bird in Waltham. Winter Wren at BBN, Savannah Sparrow at the field station, lots of ducks on the res but nothing new.

Thursday 1/1: Surprisingly little on the BBC trip, but one bird was enough.

Friday 1/2: Dunback had a Barred Owl, sapsucker, 2 ravens, a towhee, and 19 Red-wings. Cackling Geese were still at Clay Pit. Nothing exciting along the river.

Saturday 1/3: 55+ Tree Sparrows at BBN, 20 more at the field station.

Sunday 1/4: Quick check of the res was pretty much the same as the 1st: 1 eagle, 25 wigeon, 10 scaup, 90 Ring-necks, 100 Hoodies, etc.

Monday 1/5: Too windy to do much, but cruised a few of the ponds. Shovelers at Arlington Res and an eagle at Mystic Lakes were about it.

Tuesday 1/6: Too cold and snow started before I got energy to go out.