WIR 1/7-1/13

Wednesday 1/7: Still too cold.

Thursday 1/8: Even colder but took the car out to let it run a bit. Geese, Mallards, Black Ducks, Ring-necks, and swans on the res.

Friday 1/9: Woodpecker

Saturday 1/10: River: 1-2 pintails (Newton and Prospect St), Iceland Gull, most of the expected wintering ducks. Twelve coots at the res.

Sunday 1/11: Dunback: no redpolls still but the Barred Owl was around again and a Purple Finch and Swamp Sparrow were new for the year.

Monday 1/12: Rather nasty out, wasn’t it?

Tuesday 1/13: Looped School St to Nine Acre without much (good number of larks, too windy to scope anything good among them). Coots and an eagle at the res.