WIR 2/4-2/10

Wednesday 2/4: Tree Sparrow in the yard finally.

Thursday 2/5: Eh

Friday 2/6: Got out of work early so made the quick stop at the Wayland Town Building that I’ve been skipping because of traffic. Couple hoodies, lots of blacks/mallards, and a few geese were it.

Saturday 2/7: Went looking for Redhead along the river. No luck with that but Lesser Scaup and Green-winged Teal were nice. Continued to Moody St, which was frozen but decided to walk anyway (redpoll or Bohemian in mind). Creeper was a nice surprise halfway down, but something was better at the other end. Nothing new on the way back and a very quick check of the Watertown end was totally frozen.

Sunday 2/8: Eh

Monday 2/9: Eh

Tuesday 2/10: Sigh