WIR 2/10-2/16

Wednesday 2/10: River walk was still slow for ducks (4 Common and 12ish Hoodies, 4 Ring-necks) but a Merlin flyover was nice (#70 for the winter in Waltham, tying my high with 2+ weeks to go ed: 69, not sure where the Pied-billed Grebe on the list came from).

Thursday 2/11: Merlin and 2 Ruddies at Forest Grove. Believe the Merlin is new for me in Newton, but would have liked the sapsucker that Paul had earlier in the week and really would have liked the Pileated a dog walker told me about. Hopefully that will linger.

Friday 2/12: Too cold.

Saturday 2/13: Thought it was going to be too cold but just warm enough for a couple hours out. Res had some open water but no birds (flicker on the roadside was mildly interesting). No woodpeckers at Forest Grove but 2 eagles. Usual ducks along the riverwalk, a Ruddy and an eagle at Moody St.

Sunday 2/14: Too cold.

Monday 2/15: Rock Meadow and BBN were dead.

Tuesday 2/16: Too icy unfortunately, looked pretty nice out.