WIR 6/29-7/5

Wednesday 6/29: Tried hitting the duck ponds early before the rain started with minimal success. Poured before I finished and nothing much of note.

Thursday 6/30: BBN had the usual plus a flock of Rough-winged Swallows over the parkway.

Friday 7/1: Flushed a woodcock a couple times at Round Hill.

Saturday 7/2: Started with a check of Nine Acre and Knox Trail for shorebirds, nothing beyond Killdeer and Spotted (FOY Blue-fronted Dancer at Knox Trail at least). Continued to Holliston to check out a couple sites for odes, tons of pondhawks and dashers but nothing exciting (more FOY included Slender Spreadwing and Autumn Meadowhawk).

Sunday 7/3: Went up to Dunstable for the first time in a couple years. Still like the area but nothing about. Continued to Townsend State Forest which had lots of Frosted Whitefaces and a singing Yellow-rump but little else.

Monday 7/4: Nothing at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 7/5: Got rained on at Forest Grove.