WIR 11/23-11/29

Wednesday 11/23: Looped Forest Grove without anything, but a Great Cormorant on the river as I was finishing up was very nice.

Thursday 11/24: Nothing of note in a quick run around the res and Flint’s.

Friday 11/25: Quick drive around Otis/Sandisfield had a Pileated at Lower Spectacle but nothing else beyond juncos.

Saturday 11/26: Tried to clean up a few gaps in my Burlington list but only managed Hooded Merganser.

Sunday 11/27: Tried cleaning up county gaps in Norfolk county. Didn’t refind the BT Gray in Brookline but a nice selection of sparrows, wrens, etc. Great Pond had a few ducks (pintail the best). Might have had more if it wasn’t so windy, which also meant the Squantum area was a waste (as was Earhart, Spy Pond, and the res).

Monday 11/28: Flyover grackle was about it at Dunback, too early for the tanager.

Tuesday 11/29: Single pintail at Great Meadows.