WIR 12/21-12/27

Wednesday 12/21: Lots of birds but nothing exciting at Dunback. GH Owls calling behind the office at night.

Thursday 12/22: Res fairly open, Redhead and the rest of the usual. Nothing at Nine Acre.

Friday 12/23: Merlin and what was presumably a flyover Snow Bunting at Forest Grove. Nothing in Lincoln.

Saturday 12/24: Nothing at Spy Pond. Made what was supposed to be a quick stop at the lower end of the Mystic Lakes. Gadwall were good, then two warblers popped up on the way out. One Nashville, one that led to an hour and a half of wandering around in the downpour without confirming. Tried again in the afternoon but couldn’t find it.

Sunday 12/25: Afternoon loop of the res had a Great Cormorant and 2 Red-breasted Mergansers.

Monday 12/26: Couldn’t turn up the Ovenbird at Horn Pond but did have a Fox Sparrow. No warblers at the Mystic Lakes, 1 Gadwall and eventually got the shoveler. Owls again from the yard, actually saw one this time.

Tuesday 12/27: Last commute of the year had a raven on 128, more or less the same birds as Sunday on the res (swapping the mergansers for Commons) and nothing much at Nine Acre or Pelham Island Rd.