WIR 5/24-5/30

Wednesday 5/24: Got the YT Vireo I hoped for at the Wayland CG plus bonus BB Cuckoo and GH Owl.

Thursday 5/25: Hobbs Brook had too much water. Couldn’t pull any good swallows but heard both Blue-winged and Prairie Warblers for #163 and 164 for the patch.

Friday 5/26: Nothing in the rain.

Saturday 5/27: Missed the Gray-cheeked at Nahanton. Missed the Olive-sided and Red-headed Woodpecker at D. Blakely Hoar but did get a Barred Owl. Got the Little Blue in Quincy but no shorebirds at Squantum. Common Tern very briefly at Earhart.

Sunday 5/28: Cuckoos on the Great Meadows BBC walk but no bittern (I think, can’t say that the one I heard was definitely the survey tape) and couldn’t quite convince myself of the Alder. Blackburnian and the usual stuff at the Massport Trails after.

Monday 5/29: Didn’t expect it to be quite so lousy out. Started with a quick check of McClennen. Kingbird and Warbling Vireo finally in Arlington but expected a few other easy ones. Arlington Great Meadows next. No thrasher but a BB Cuckoo posed nicely (camera in the car though). Hobbs Brook was interesting (Orchard Oriole and a few others besides those detailed separately).

Tuesday 5/30: Farm Meadow: 11+ Bobolinks, Veery, calling Barred Owl.