WIR 2/27-3/5

Wednesday 2/27: Nothing at Dunback, guess I missed getting grosbeaks for the month.

Thursday 2/28: Yard day, nothing of note.

Friday 3/1: Meriam’s and Kaveski. No luck with Bob’s grosbeak but did have a Fox Sparrow.

Saturday 3/2: Thought it was going to be a yard day but the storm was a bit of a bust, so did a quick loop midafternoon. Two eagles on the ice on the Mystic Lakes but no cormorant or much else. Chipping Sparrow was still at Mt. Pleasant (61 species in every month for the county), usual at Blair Pond.

Sunday 3/3: Birders’ Meeting for most of the day. Stopped at Wachusett Res on the way home and got both Horned Grebe and Snow Bunting for Worcester county (#150 and 151).

Monday 3/4: Snow day, normal stuff in the yard, I missed the first grackle of the year.

Tuesday 3/5: Riverwalk was quiet.