WIR 5/8-5/14

Wednesday 5/8: Out to Westborough WMA for a change. Needed another couple hours as I only got .75 miles from the parking lot along the edge of Big Chauncy. Blackburnian, BT Blue, Redstart, tons of Yellow-rumps and Yellows, a few other warblers, YT and RE Vireos, a Veery, etc.

Thursday 5/9: BBN had 10 species of warblers, Magnolia the most interesting. Also a Sharpie mobbing a Cooper’s, Pearl Crescent, Question Mark, etc.

Friday 5/10: Mt. Auburn, almost the first bird out of the car was an Orange-crowned. Also Cape May, hummingbird, etc. Couldn’t find the Worm-eating though.

Saturday 5/11: Birdathon. Rails to start, warblers all over the place at Brooks and the Fells, hit most of the afternoon targets, lots of shorebirds at Arlington Res and Nine Acre. Still ended up on 107, so no new record yet. Also first odes of the year, presumed green darner and some Eastern Forktails.

Sunday 5/12: Mt. Auburn walk #2. Too dark to start, then too rainy after an hour or two. In between, Tennessee, Cape May, most of the common warblers. Stopped at Fresh Pond and Cambridge Res on the way home and finally got a Cliff Swallow for the res. Also heard a redstart in the yard before I closed the window.

Monday 5/13: White-crowned on the deck when I got up. Started towards Arlington Res but with construction and stuff I stopped at BBN instead. Broke 50 species including 15 warblers.

Tuesday 5/14: Hoped the rain would bring something to Great Meadows but other than one yellowlegs-ish call, nothing doing (Bonaparte’s was seen later though). Walked the rail trail a short distance and had a Wilson’s at least.