WIR 5/15-5/21

Wednesday 5/15: Water level was up a bit at Arlington Res so less mud. Still 10+ Least, 3+ Spotted, 1 Solitary but no yellowlegs. Pipits still there and decent variety of warblers including my first Ovenbird and Wilson’s for the res.

Thursday 5/16: Decided it was a bit sunny for Nine Acre, started for Wayland Community Garden but decided to pull in at Sedge Meadow instead. Wasn’t overly exciting, FOY Least Flycatcher plus a Bobolink, a few warblers, etc.

Friday 5/17: Tried Great Meadows again. Didn’t expect the tern to still be there and it wasn’t but hoped for a few other things. Did get a Least and a flyover yellowlegs plus the Cliff Swallow I needed for the valley commute but fairly quiet otherwise. Did the woods too and had minimal. Wilson’s at the tower would have been nice if I hadn’t had the one earlier in the week.

Saturday 5/18: Bug day. Started in Carlisle. Quick stop at the 225 bridge had a bunch of warblers and a Fragile Forktail. Went to Two Rod Trail next where a boghaunter had been photographed recently. No luck with that but more forktails and an Aurora Damsel plus azures, more warblers, and a Black-billed Cuckoo. Over to Assabet. Fisher Loop was quite ode-y, got up to 11 species on the day with all the expected ones (including a brief detour into the Desert). Not much for birds. No boghaunters there or on the Patrol Rd. Stopped at Knox Trail on the way home for the lingering Ring-necked Duck. Got home, had a snack, then got around to looking at email to see a Worm-eating was at BBN earlier. Ran back out. No luck with that (if it doesn’t sing, it’s a real needle in a haystack) but did have Blackburnian, Blackpoll, and Canada among other things.

Sunday 5/19: Walked the patch. 72 species total highlighted by 16 warblers, Swainson’s Thrush, and Green Heron giving weird calls. Took a nap and let most of the rain pass, then chased the Cattle Egret in Dunstable. Just about a drive-by. Went to Nine Acre after, hoping for Tim and Brian’s White-rump. The rain or a Peregrine seemed to have moved the birds on but a couple nighthawks were nice.

Monday 5/20: Gave Nine Acre a quick pass. Too much traffic to want to scan from the road, but a couple Semipalmated Plovers. Continued up to Heard Pond. Alder singing, a few warblers, etc.

Tuesday 5/21: Mt. Auburn again. Not overly busy, 3 Swainson’s Thrushes, a pewee, Bay-breasted and Canada Warblers about it.