WIR 10/30-11/5

Wednesday 10/30: 3 Lesser Yellowlegs and the Nashville at Arlington Res.

Thursday 10/31: Pond check turned up nothing.

Friday 11/1: Bald Eagle and a few Rusties at Sudbury GM. Very quickly checked the gardens by Round Hill, Field Sparrow among others there.

Saturday 11/2: Started at Rock Meadow Pond where I couldn’t find the Red-headed Woodpecker but had a pretty good variety of birds, a meadowhawk, and a nice Red Fox. Saw that the Pacific-slope Flycatcher was being seen again, so headed out to Hadley. Lucked out and got on the bird in about 10 seconds, then got pretty good views a couple times over the next hour. Decided not to join the group hunting geese and went to Quabbin instead. Got a message that they had a White-front but I wasn’t about to double all the way back for that. Couple scaup at Winsor Dam and not much else there. Tried Goodnough Dike and was about to say it was a bust but 17 Brant then flew over (calling!). Pileated and a Shadow Darner on the way out. Turek’s Swamp had a few ducks and a Killdeer. Res scan on the way home had a bunch of Bufflehead and Hoodies plus a RN Grebe.

Sunday 11/3: Res had nothing. Joined the BBC trip to Wakefield, highlights were Rusty Blackbirds, a flyover Snow Bunting, and Black Scoters. Arlington Res after had very little.

Monday 11/4: Two BH Vireos and first of fall American Tree Sparrow at BBN. 

Tuesday 11/5: Pond check was quiet after a few other usual at Hardy.