WIR 2/5-2/11

Wednesday 2/5: Only had a couple seconds to scan the res, nothing there.

Thursday 2/6: Black squirrel in the yard for the first time in ages (and I missed the first chipmunk of the year). Quick check of the res had 4 goldeneye (finally for the commute).

Friday 2/7: Still too nasty for much but GW Teal at Norumbega and not much elsewhere along that bit of river.

Saturday 2/8: Too cold and windy. Usual ducks at Spy Pond, nothing obvious at the Mystic Lakes. Draw Seven had 1 RB Merganser and a few gulls so I didn’t bother going to the Everett side. Nothing at Blair Pond and not much at Clay Pit. Did see the chipmunk briefly at least.

Sunday 2/9: Bit of a strange loop. Started by getting the RH Woodpecker for February. Took a bit of effort as it was further out than normal. Continued to Fitch’s Bridge Rd, which was a skating rink. No luck with the Field Sparrows or Snow Bunting. On to Lowell. Boat ramp looked quiet, noticed a bunch of gulls somewhat hidden as I drove off so I said I’ll come back later. Got to the Tsongas Center and ran into John and Suzanne. No luck with the male Barrow’s but Suzanne had picked out a candidate female earlier. We wandered down and found 2 of the flock of Pine Warblers then got good if brief looks at the female Barrow’s on the way back. I walked a little more not seeing anything then joined them back at the boat ramp. Iceland Gull among 130 Ring-bills on the water, but the Peregrine and Mute Swan were new for Lowell for me. Eagle also came through. We decided to head to Silver Lake next. Arrived to a quite a few gulls and more streaming in by the minute. Several young Iceland Gulls immediately and I picked up an adult. John found a near adult Lesser then Suzanne found 2 younger ones. The gulls (which we estimated at over 1200) eventually got up but most landed again. Just before packing in, I found one more Lesser (or something, it’s a bit weird). Got home about 2 hours later than I expected but a nice day with 2 new February birds for MA and 3 for the county.

Monday 2/10: Rainy so 135 geese and 7 Ring-bills at NAC, 3 Ring-bills and 3 swans at Heard, 2 swans, 8 black ducks, and 4 Hooded Mergansers at the swamp.

Tuesday 2/11: Eagle on the ice at Mt. Feake, Red-wing singing across from Purgatory, not a ton else.