WIR 7/8-7/14

Wednesday 7/8: Usual at BBN.

Thursday 7/9: Usual at Forest Grove, still lots of tree damage from last Thursday so didn’t do the Flowed Meadow loop.

Friday 7/10: Usual at Hobbs Brook, both orioles together were nice.

Saturday 7/11: Quiet at Mary Cummings Park. Nothing in a brief stop at Parker Meadow. Not much better luck with Comet Darner photos at Healthpoint but did have good views and an ovipositing Unicorn Clubtail.

Sunday 7/12: Concord Butterfly count. Did Acton as usual. Awful butterfly numbers but some other interesting insects including a Martha’s Pennant.

Monday 7/13: Indigo Bunting was about it at Rock Meadow, Green Heron at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 7/14: Finally checked out the Weston Station Pond area. Couple Orchard Orioles and a Broad-wing plus another weasel.