WIR 7/15-7/21

Wednesday 7/15: Fairly quiet at Great Meadows, although a few GW Teal were my earliest fall arrival.

Thursday 7/16: Broad-wing at BBN.

Friday 7/17: Errands and rain. Quick run along the Charles in Watertown had nothing. Very quick stop at the duck ponds had a high Osprey.

Saturday 7/18: Should have gone inland today but made a Squantum run. Stilt Sandpiper was almost the closest bird in the pans and an ibis flew over. Fairly quiet otherwise. Nut Island was dead. Quick scan of Wollaston didn’t have the Piping Plovers but I wasn’t going to search if they’ve left the enclosure. Fish kill by Earhart meant 600+ gulls, nothing interesting among them.

Sunday 7/19: Hop Brook and the Desert didn’t have much for interesting bugs. Stopped at Pelham Island Rd on the way home and had a singing marsh Wren. Mud flat at the river looked good but nothing beyond a Killdeer on it. Pied-billed Grebe at the res was interesting too.

Monday 7/20: Too steamy at Dunback, basically nothing but robins.

Tuesday 7/21: Solitary at BBN was about the only new thing.