WIR 10/27-11/2

Wednesday 10/27: Entirety of birds at the res were 1 PB Grebe, 1 swan, and one eagle.

Thursday 10/28: Bunch of Hoodies, a couple scaup too far out, and a Ring-neck at the res. Two GW Teal and not too much else at Forest Grove. Gadwall at Norumbega.

Friday 10/29: GW Teal and a Purple Finch at BBN, 50+ Cedar Waxwings and a few more Purples at the West Meadow. Res was empty at midday.

Saturday 10/30: Wasn’t raining too much so after the res (nothing), I headed to Draw Seven. Osprey, not much else there and about the same at Station Landing. Lower end of the Mystic Lakes had both kinglets, a creeper, and a BH Vireo. Spy Pond had 7 Ring-necks.

Sunday 10/31: Decided to try Wachusett Reservoir for a change. Mergansers were in at Flint’s on the way over. Gate 40 had nothing, the North Dike/Rainbow Cove entrance had 5 loons and 2 meadowlarks. Gave up there and headed to Sudbury Res. A few Ring-necks and lots of Ruddy plus an eagle. Walking the road for better views of the ducks, I had an oriole fly across. Nothing at Heard or Hardy on the way home.

Monday 11/1: Nothing on the res. Rock Meadow had a few Purple Finches, a singing Winter Wren, a lateish Yellowthroat, my first Tree Sparrow of the fall, and a harrier.

Tuesday 11/2: BH Vireo and Blackpoll at Cookson, not much along the river.