WIR 2/2-2/8

Wednesday 2/2: Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush, rest of the usuals at BBN.

Thursday 2/3: Nothing unusual at Forest Grove. Kinglet was back in the yard.

Friday 2/4: Yuck

Saturday 2/5: Few waxwings, a sapsucker, bluebird, and Swamp Sparrow at Dunback.

Sunday 2/6: Decided not to chase the Golden Eagle (good choice) and go to Belle Isle and vicinity instead. Belle Isle gate wasn’t open so went to the greenway/cemetery instead. More or less quiet. Winthrop Beach next had the usual sea ducks and stuff, most of which I still needed for the year. No luck with any buntings or larks though. Draw Seven on the way home had the usual ducks (including the Greater Scaup) and 2 eagles.

Monday 2/7: GW Teal, few Red-wings, creeper about the most interesting at Alewife.

Tuesday 2/8: Same ducks along the river (a few more Bufflehead) plus a Peregrine.