WIR 8/17-8/23

Wednesday 8/17: Little Blue count at Great Meadows was up to 4! Also BC Night-Heron, ibis, Least Flycatcher, etc.

Thursday 8/18: Went to Plum for the first time in years, although I might have bailed had I realized how windy it was. Nothing too exciting, Black Tern and avocet at Stage, LB Dowitcher at Hellcat about it. New toy worked well though, still need to figure out some of the autofocus controls but it’s a ridiculous improvement. Made an afternoon stop at Hobbs Brook, 1 Lesser Yellowlegs, 2 Semipalmated Plover, 20+ Least was it.

Friday 8/19: Redstart, Black-and-white, Canada at BBN plus lots of yellowlegs.

Saturday 8/20: Horn Pond had lots of birds, waterthrush, Least Flycatcher, a few shorebirds, etc. North Res didn’t have any shorebirds but did have 2 Broad-wings and a Great Blue Skimmer. Single nighthawk from the yard in the evening.

Sunday 8/21: Estabrook had the usual stuff, redstarts the only migrants. Ibis and 3 egrets at Elm Brook, Greater Yellowlegs at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 8/22: Chestnut-sided and probable Short-tailed Weasel at Dunback plus lots of hummers, waxwings, etc.

Tuesday 8/23: Redstart at Cookson, very little along the Charles.