WIR 10/12-10/18

Wednesday 10/12: Pipit and White-crowned at Kaveski/Meriam’s were SRV year birds but that was about it.

Thursday 10/13: Sapsucker, Nashville, not much else at Rock Meadow, duck ponds were quiet in a very quick run..

Friday 10/14: Nothing in the rain.

Saturday 10/15: Got to Wachusett a bit late for the LeConte’s but did have a decent showing of more regular stuff. Unfortunately not much on the water either. Two checks at Gate 37, plus a stop at 25 and at the dam. Afternoon check of the res had geese and swans.

Sunday 10/16: Barrett’s Mill was pretty busy, took over half an hour for the species to minute ratio to fall below 1. Likely crossbill and siskin the highlights but lots of blackbirds and stuff too. Tried the Hugh Cargill gardens after, nothing much beyond a Field Sparrow. Waltham St. next, checked both sections for the first time this year. Another Dickcissel, a couple ravens, lots of Palms and Savannahs, etc plus a Common Green Darner.

Monday 10/17: Most of the shorebirds were still at Arlington Res although I didn’t dig out the White-rump and peep in the time I had. Blue Grosbeak took some time but started calling and then showed just as I was walking away. That and the snipe make 150 species photographed before work this year meeting that goal (ed: missed one, so the snipe was 150, grosbeak 151), still 6 away from my goal of 100 audio recorded.

Tuesday 10/18: Some interesting specks too far out at the res. Great Meadows next except it was chained off, so Kaveski instead. Harrier, Field Sparrow, not too much else.