WIR 2/8-2/14

Wednesday 2/8: Barred Owl about it at BBN.

Thursday 2/9: Grackles flying around at home. Bluebirds, eagle, kingfisher, moderate number of ducks at Forest Grove.

Friday 2/10: Harrier and the usual at Kaveski and Meriam’s.

Saturday 2/11: Started by poking around to see if the Tundra Swan was nearby. Peregrine at the office park right off 128 was a good start. Old 27 Bridge had a harrier but little else. Walked most of Water Row without anything of interest (Purple Finch got away). Wayland Community Gardens had a big flock of blackbirds but nothing on the river. Debated walking back through the gardens instead of Cow Common because of the wind but decided on Cow Common. As I emerged from the trees, the phone buzzed. Figured it was about the shrike at Heard but saw Thick-billed Murre Draw Seven and took off running. Debated checking the swamp for a second but decided better to go. About forty minutes later I pulled in and ran up to Leslie watching the bird. It proceeded to swim closer and closer (although never quite as close as I would have liked). Also had the RT Loon, a scaup, and a couple Ruddy but no towhee in a very quick check.

Sunday 2/12: Didn’t feel like driving much of anywhere so started at Alewife. GW Teal, Fox Sparrow, RC Kinglet, a few other things there. Continued to Fresh Pond. Looped around without seeing the grebe or any ducks other than mergansers but did have 5 loons. Got back and made one last scan above the Weir Meadow and was pretty sure I picked up the grebe along the western edge. Ran back for the scope but couldn’t find it, so I drove over to the golf course lot and walked down. Couldn’t find it again but did have a Winter Wren and fortunately I saw Karsten who had been watching it up close. Going away from the course, I did get a distant view so doubled back again and couldn’t find it again so I gave up. Had less time than I wanted at Mt. Auburn now, but gave the suet feeders 20 minutes with no warbler only to have it fly through as I was walking off. Wasn’t quite rolling up to the birds like I had hoped but I got my targets.

Monday 2/13: Lots of birds at Cookson but mostly starlings and robins. Teal was prominent along the Charles but not much else.

Tuesday 2/14: Couple Pileated and a Hermit Thrush about it at Hanscom.