WIR 5/24-5/30

Wednesday 5/24: Tennessee, Bay-breasted, lots of turkeys at Habitat.

Thursday 5/25: Nothing at Cookson. East of the square had a few Blackpolls, a Parula, and a tanager.

Friday 5/26: No Acadian in Concord (should have gone yesterday…). Tennessee was a new bird for Concord though, so some compensation.

Saturday 5/27: Went to the coast hoping for a May bird. No luck but not bad. Started at Yirrell Beach which had a Magnolia and redstart or two plus Least Tern (year #200) and oystercatcher. Winthrop Beach had the expected plovers and terns but no turnstone or Sanderling. Greenway/Belle Isle Cemetery had a ton of redstarts, a couple Maggies, a waterthrush, parula, 3 Blackpoll, a RE Vireo, etc. Belle Isle had 7 ibis. Lawn Ave had 2 families of black ducks but no passerines.

Sunday 5/28: Led the Great Meadows walk early. Heard Least Bittern, had a Virginia Rail run across the path, most of the regulars were around. Alan and Cris’s Black-bellied Plovers would have been nice however…

Walked Two Rod Rd after. No boghaunters (one possible) and only one identified ode, which was a very out of habitat Lilypad Clubtail. Also one of the cool wasp-mimicking Syrphids (Temnostoma alterans).

Monday 5/29: Did a central MA swing, although if I realized how windy it was I might have not. High Ridge was moderately birdy, Greater Yellowlegs, Alder Flycatcher about the most interesting. Lots of odes, mostly whitefaces and corporals. Lake Wampanoag had the Canada Warblers I hoped for, Purple Finch, White-throated Sparrow, GC Kinglet, etc. Bugs weren’t great, Elfin Skimmer, another Lilypad Clubtail, and not too much else.

Tuesday 5/30: Nothing out of the expected at Tanner’s Brook. Loon on Flint’s.