WIR 6/5-6/11

Wednesday 6/5: Farm Meadow had only 2 Bobolink and no Veery in the woods. Loon on Flint’s, Ruddy on Hardy too.

Thursday 6/6: Falzone was pretty quiet. West Meadow had a rail but not much else.

Friday 6/7: Expected stuff at the back side of Prospect Hill.

Saturday 6/8: Got the Grasshopper Sparrow (barely) in Shirley. Beaver Brook in Westford had a few Prairie Warblers, a Cooper’s chasing a Green Heron, and a few bugs. Driving off, I realized I actually wanted to be at Nashoba Brook though. Cranberry Bog had the usual including Cyrano Darner plus mating Laphria and a few other things.

Sunday 6/9: Did my Minuteman survey, which was just the usual stuff in what felt like average numbers. Found all the points with ease today, so was done just after 7 and it wasn’t raining yet. Next stop was Pico Beach, where the martins were present although a bit distant. Acadian in the Fells next, showed briefly when I got there. Tracked down Glen’s trill to a Chipping, then walked a bit along Spot Pond where there were fledgling grosbeaks and a few other things.

Monday 6/10: College Pond had a Delta-spotted Spiketail and a couple crossbills among the usual.

Tuesday 6/11: Had to visit the new data center to help with set up, which happens to be next to Prospect Hill, so walked there for an hour first. Black-and-white was the only thing that was different from last week.