WIR 4/15-4/21

Wednesday 4/15: Almost nothing in a very quick run around the duck ponds.

Thursday 4/16: Only enough time for a quick check of the Charles in Watertown, 10 night-herons before my face covering caused my glasses to fog to the point I couldn’t see.

Friday 4/17: Ton of Savannahs by Kaveski but not much else. Finished with enough time to check the res (eagle, 5 Common Mergansers) and Hardy (different eagle, RW Swallow).

Saturday 4/18: Did a res->NAC->School St and back loop without anything worth noting.

Sunday 4/19: Nothing at the res. Spotted Sandpiper and kestrel at NAC. Hour and a half on Water Row had a flyover Great Egret, the catbird, and a few raptors.

Monday 4/20: Kestrel and a couple gnatcatchers at BBN.

Tuesday 4/21: May or may not have been chased out of Upper Vine Brook by a fox. Kestrel and the usual at Dunback. Quick loop of the res after the storms in the evening had a good number of mergansers and Bufflehead but no obvious storm drop ins.


WIR 4/8-4/14

Wednesday 4/8: Quick check of Hardy and the res had nothing. Hairy in the yard was the first in some time.

Thursday 4/9: Forest Grove was pretty quiet (3 phoebes, Chipping Sparrow, Pine Warbler). DC Cormorant and a bluebird at the res on the way home.

Friday 4/10: Marsh Wren, Virginia Rail, Palm Warblers along Concord Ave. Took circling the entire place but finally got a snipe at Waltham St.

Saturday 4/11: Nothing at the res. RB Merg at Flint’s. Probable ibis at Nine Acre along with 4 feeding Turkey Vultures.

Sunday 4/12: Towhee at Ricci Field, gnatcatcher and FOY butterflies (Comma and Cabbage White) and Tanner’s Brook.

Monday 4/13: Nothing much on a pond loop.

Tuesday 4/14: BW Teal and kestrel at BBN.

WIR 4/1-4/7

Wednesday 4/1: Another Fox Sparrow but not much else at the West Meadow (should have bushwhacked down to the concrete pad…). About the same ducks at Hardy.

Thursday 4/2: Chased the Canvasbacks at Fresh Pond, commute #228 (and an April bird, so another month with an addition, was expecting that to be tough).

Friday 4/3: Yuck

Saturday 4/4: PB Grebe at the res but little else. Not much at Nine Acre or Knox Trail. One snipe at Waltham St. Afternoon look of the western side of the Charles had a bunch of vultures over Norumbega and another grebe at Edgewater. Killdeer calling from a roof on Bear Hill Rd was interesting too.

Sunday 4/5: Tried Round hill since I won’t be getting there on the way to work any time soon. Snipe and a couple GW Teal at Pantry Brook, 3+ Pine Warblers on the hill, and a Palm in the gardens on the way out. Stopped along Water Row where Brian picked up a kestrel, I got an Osprey, and then a catbird came in within seconds of him leaving. Nothing much on Pelham Island Rd beyond people.

Monday 4/6: Mostly the usual at BBN, phoebe, Chipping Sparrow new in plus a kingfisher. Raven at Norumbega later and vulture over the yard.

Tuesday 4/7: Nothing different at St. Anne’s.

WIR 3/25-3/31

Wednesday 3/25: Rusties and a Fox Sparrow at BBN.

Thursday 3/26: Quick run along the Charles east of Watertown Square had nothing of interest.

Friday 3/27: At least one Fox Sparrow at Falzone plus patch FOY Killdeer. Quick stop at Hardy had a few Tree Swallows.

Saturday 3/28: Two Fields Sparrows (finally a March bird for the county), Rusties, a kestrel, and a phoebe at Hanscom. Another Field Sparrow at Waltham St. Tree Swallows over the yard and nothing on the res in an afternoon check.

Sunday 3/29: Pretty yuck out, pond loop had pretty much nothing. Did finally have a second Red-belly in the yard.

Monday 3/30: Nothing in a res/NAC/Flint’s loop. Thanks to a text from Francis, patch bird #184 at lunch:

Tuesday 3/31: 4+ Fox Sparrows at Dunback, Fish Crows at home.

WIR 3/18-3/24

Wednesday 3/18: Leucistic Killdeer and singing Fox Sparrow at Kaveski/Meriam’s/Brook Village. At least 5 woodcock peenting without getting out of the car at BBN around 7:30.

Thursday 3/19: Yuck

Friday 3/20: Scaup among the ducks at the res, nothing at Nine Acre or School St.

Saturday 3/21: Town listing is good right now, going to lots of places with essentially zero people. Did a long loop in Carlisle from Foss Farm. Added Winter Wren, Great Black-backed Gull (100 up!), and Common Raven plus a few Rusties and 2 Pileated. Tried across the river on the Billerica GMNWR trail, only managed Carolina Wren there and not much else in the wind. Plus Turkey Vulture over Rt. 3 on the way home.

Sunday 3/22: More town listing. Desert Natural Area added Golden-crowned Kinglet and Killdeer for Marlborough but no luck with any different sparrows. Continued to Fort Meadow Reservoir which had 2 Greater Scaup, so 100 up (and town #20!). Buzz through School St and Nine Acre on the way home had absolutely nothing.

Monday 3/23: Quiet at Dunback and Upper Vine Brook.

Tuesday 3/24: Probably should have gone for a walk even with the snow on the ground, 3 Ruddy at Hardy, nothing at the res or Nine Acre, nothing much at Elm Brook.

WIR 3/11-3/17

Wednesday 3/11: 3 Shovelers at Arlington Res.

Thursday 3/12: Bunch of Rusties at the Pelham Island Rd bridge.

Friday 3/13: Rainy, nothing much at any ponds/rivers.

Saturday 3/14: Usual at the res. Did a bit of a town listing run although it was too windy for much. Added 3 in Melrose at Ell Pond, then 17 in Stoneham at Greenwood Park before checking Brooks for the OC Warbler again (no luck).

Sunday 3/15: No luck with the RH Woodpecker but did have a few Tree Swallows and some ducks to pump up the Ayer list a bit. Kestrel on the way over to Fitch’s Bridge Rd, which was fairly quiet. Yellow-rump at Heald St. Nothing good among the Canada Geese in the prison fields on the way home.

Monday 3/16: Mostly the usual at BBN. Winter Wren was a commute year bird if going home counts.

Tuesday 3/17: Ruddy among the usual at Hardy Pond, nothing new at the res.

WsIR 2/19-3/10

Internet issues are fun…

Wednesday 2/19: Nothing of note at BBN.

Thursday 2/20: Grackle down Trapelo, 2 Pileated at Meriam’s.

Friday 2/21: Wood Duck was about it at Forest Grove.

Saturday 2/22: Chased a few month birds. No rails at Great Meadows but did have 2 Fish Crow. No scoter at Earhart, 2 Common and a Red-throated Loon plus a Yellow-rump. Pulled up at Silver Lake, set up the scope, looked in, saw the Glaucous, and an eagle flew in and flushed everything.

Sunday 2/23: Walked all the way to the duck ponds. Hermit Thrush and creeper at Lot 1, TV at Rock Meadow, little else.

Monday 2/24: Shrike, eagle, 3 kingfishers, bunch of ducks at Heard Farm.

Tuesday 2/25: Killdeer at Dunback.

Wednesday 2/26: Nothing at Arlington Res

Thursday 2/27: Pond check was quiet.

Friday 2/28: Usual at Forest Grove

Saturday 2/29: RC Kinglet at Mystic Lakes, missed the cormorant though. Couldn’t find the OC Warbler at Brooks but had a Pileated there and 2 Chipping Sparrows in the cemetery. Couldn’t find the scoters again at Earhart, did get the Savannah.

Sunday 3/1: Used Glenn’s interesting Fox Sparrow as an excuse to go down to Fairhaven. No luck with that but catbird, towhee, 2 kinglets, etc. on the bike path. Nothing exciting at West Island (but a nice male harrier flew in front of me on the way out). Up to the goose fields in Plymouth county where Pam directed me to the Barnacles and Snow and I had a flock of Savannah Sparrows (which was about the most overdue bird for any county I’ve birded regularly), Drove around Cumberland Farms quickly but no obvious Rough-leg (although one interesting bird just to the south disappeared before I pulled over).

Monday 3/2: 2 ravens at BBN then another near Rt. 20.

Tuesday 3/3: Pair of Gadwall at Elm Brook, nothing exciting at Hanscom.

Wednesday 3/4: Too windy, usual at Hardy, res, Flint’s, Heard. Nothing at Nine Acre or River Rd. Few teal at the Pelham Island Rd marsh.

Thursday 3/5: Raven about it at Rock Meadow, nothing at the duck ponds.

Friday 3/6: Kingfisher by Watertown Square but no RB Merg, Yellow-rump, or catbird.

Saturday 3/7: Pond loop was pretty empty. Did get the cormorants at Mystic Lakes finally and RB Merg was new for Winchester.

Sunday 3/8: Indoors at the Birder’s Meeting. Quick stop at the res on the way home had the usual.

Monday 3/9: Few Wood Ducks and all the regulars at BBN.

Tuesday 3/10: Pintail, Wigeon, GW Teal, lots of ducks at Great Meadows plus mink and coyote.

WIR 2/12-2/18

Wednesday 2/12: Lots of Red-wings and the usual ducks at BBN.

Thursday 2/13: Rather nasty, quick check of the res didn’t have anything.

Friday 2/14: Usual at Hardy in a quick scan.

Saturday 2/15: Couldn’t find the Surf Scoter or much else at Earhart and Draw Seven.

Sunday 2/16: Went out to Otis for the day but between a slightly late start, a bit of traffic on the way, and lots of ice, it wasn’t worth going out anywhere.

Monday 2/17: Missed the GWF Geese in Boston (did finally get Fish Crow), missed the bluebirds at Millennium, no towhee at Nahanton. Francis saved the day with a wigeon at the duck ponds, patch #183.

Tuesday 2/18: FOY Grackle and not much else at Dunback.

WIR 2/5-2/11

Wednesday 2/5: Only had a couple seconds to scan the res, nothing there.

Thursday 2/6: Black squirrel in the yard for the first time in ages (and I missed the first chipmunk of the year). Quick check of the res had 4 goldeneye (finally for the commute).

Friday 2/7: Still too nasty for much but GW Teal at Norumbega and not much elsewhere along that bit of river.

Saturday 2/8: Too cold and windy. Usual ducks at Spy Pond, nothing obvious at the Mystic Lakes. Draw Seven had 1 RB Merganser and a few gulls so I didn’t bother going to the Everett side. Nothing at Blair Pond and not much at Clay Pit. Did see the chipmunk briefly at least.

Sunday 2/9: Bit of a strange loop. Started by getting the RH Woodpecker for February. Took a bit of effort as it was further out than normal. Continued to Fitch’s Bridge Rd, which was a skating rink. No luck with the Field Sparrows or Snow Bunting. On to Lowell. Boat ramp looked quiet, noticed a bunch of gulls somewhat hidden as I drove off so I said I’ll come back later. Got to the Tsongas Center and ran into John and Suzanne. No luck with the male Barrow’s but Suzanne had picked out a candidate female earlier. We wandered down and found 2 of the flock of Pine Warblers then got good if brief looks at the female Barrow’s on the way back. I walked a little more not seeing anything then joined them back at the boat ramp. Iceland Gull among 130 Ring-bills on the water, but the Peregrine and Mute Swan were new for Lowell for me. Eagle also came through. We decided to head to Silver Lake next. Arrived to a quite a few gulls and more streaming in by the minute. Several young Iceland Gulls immediately and I picked up an adult. John found a near adult Lesser then Suzanne found 2 younger ones. The gulls (which we estimated at over 1200) eventually got up but most landed again. Just before packing in, I found one more Lesser (or something, it’s a bit weird). Got home about 2 hours later than I expected but a nice day with 2 new February birds for MA and 3 for the county.

Monday 2/10: Rainy so 135 geese and 7 Ring-bills at NAC, 3 Ring-bills and 3 swans at Heard, 2 swans, 8 black ducks, and 4 Hooded Mergansers at the swamp.

Tuesday 2/11: Eagle on the ice at Mt. Feake, Red-wing singing across from Purgatory, not a ton else.

WIR 1/29-2/4

Wednesday 1/29: Very quiet at Kaveski and Meriam’s. Had enough time to check Pelham Island Rd and there was a nice adult eagle sitting by the river.

Thursday 1/30: Fox Sparrow, RC Kinglet, and Yellow-rump at Falzone. Eagle over 128.

Friday 1/31: Riverwalk was quiet, did finally get commute Great Black-backed Gull. Stopped for a few seconds at Cronin’s and had almost as many birds there as I did in 45 minutes earlier.

Saturday 2/1: Dunback was quiet. Sapsucker but no phoebe at Upper Vine Brook. No thrasher or much different at Fresh Pond.

Sunday 2/2: Started at Deer Island. No murres, just 3 Razorbills among the usual stuff. Continued up Revere/Lynn/Swampscott with no interesting gulls before heading to the Eared Grebe in Beverly. Took quite a while before it turned up fairly close. Continued through Magnolia to Jodrey where we had 3+ Thick-billed Murres and 3+ Dovekies along with the Black-headed Gull.

Monday 2/3: Nothing different at BBN.

Tuesday 2/4: Had to drive into Boston so stopped at the Fenway gardens for a couple. Fox Sparrow, couple Red-wings, lots of sparrows.