WIR 2/25-3/3

Wednesday 2/25-Friday 2/27: Eh

Saturday 2/28: Besides the waxwings, the scaup and Green-winged Teal were around along with an adult eagle.

Sunday 3/1: Went to Revere Beach for a change. Nice Iceland and Glaucous but nothing else exciting. Brief stop at King’s Beach had nothing shortly before the Mew Gull turned up (fortunately I’ve been told it wasn’t there until later).

Monday 3/2: Eh

Tuesday 3/3: Stopped at Wayland Town Building, still frozen and nothing but geese.

WIR 2/4-2/10

Wednesday 2/4: Tree Sparrow in the yard finally.

Thursday 2/5: Eh

Friday 2/6: Got out of work early so made the quick stop at the Wayland Town Building that I’ve been skipping because of traffic. Couple hoodies, lots of blacks/mallards, and a few geese were it.

Saturday 2/7: Went looking for Redhead along the river. No luck with that but Lesser Scaup and Green-winged Teal were nice. Continued to Moody St, which was frozen but decided to walk anyway (redpoll or Bohemian in mind). Creeper was a nice surprise halfway down, but something was better at the other end. Nothing new on the way back and a very quick check of the Watertown end was totally frozen.

Sunday 2/8: Eh

Monday 2/9: Eh

Tuesday 2/10: Sigh

WIR 1/28-2/3

Wednesday 1/28: Flicker across the street and Cooper’s were about it for additions to yesterday’s list.

Thursday 1/29: Nothing.

Friday 1/30: Nothing.

Saturday 1/31: Too windy.

Sunday 2/1: River walk about the same. Watertown end mostly frozen but about the same. Great Cormorants at Mystic Lakes. Hermit Thrush but little else at Dunback. Hairy in the yard.

Monday 2/2: More snow, nothing good at the feeders.

Tuesday 2/3: Cold/snow.

WIR 1/21-1/27

Wednesday 1/21: Flyover redpoll and distant calling Fish Crow at Dunback.

Thursday 1/22: Nothing new along the riverwalk.

Friday 1/23: Sharpie at Lindentree, which probably kept everything else down.

Saturday 1/24: Too snowy but Carolina Wren in the yard for the first time in several months.

Sunday 1/25: Redpolls, bluebirds, and Purple Finches at Dunback. Nothing exciting at Lot 1.

Monday 1/26: Few Ring-necks on the river on Pelham Island Rd plus an eagle further up 27.

Tuesday 1/27: Tons of the usual but nothing good at the feeders.

WIR 1/14-1/20

Wednesday 1/14: Did the river a bit. Eagle, same ducks, probable flock of redpolls.

Thursday 1/15: Only had time for a 2 minute scan of Pelham Island Rd, where a bluebird was the only thing of any interest.

Friday 1/16: Red-wings and bluebirds at Heard Farm.

Saturday 1/17: Too cold for me.

Sunday 1/18: Long walk around BBN and Rock Meadow. Sapsucker at RM, 2 Winter Wrens at BBN were most of it. Except for one of those 5 minutes of magic: 1-3 Yellow-rumps, 2 Ravens, and a Pintail all at Mackerel Hill.


Monday 1/19: Two eagles (1 banded!) at Forest Grove, nothing else exciting.

Tuesday 1/20: Absolutely nothing at College Pond.

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