WIR 7/16-7/22

Wednesday 7/16: Couldn’t get to the duck ponds, nothing at Hardy or the res before the rain.

Thursday 7/17: Went to Plum finally and basically struck out on the rare terns. Probably had the Royal as the first bird out of the car, but other than a few Stilt Sandpipers not much else.



Friday 7/18: Nothing unusual at BBN.

Saturday 7/19: Dunback had a kestrel.

Sunday 7/20: Nothing at Great Meadows. The pond at Knox Trail is pretty dry and had loads of shorebirds. No sign of yesterday’s Semipalmated Plover but did get a few Semipalmated Sandpipers in addition to the more common stuff, plus the Ospreys were out of the nest.

Monday 7/21: Prospect Hill was dead.

Tuesday 7/22: Tried Knox Trail again, about the same. Moved on to the sand pits, where odes were few and the only butterfly of note was a Horace’s Duskywing. However, while moving between access points on the brook, I snapped a couple of shots of a turtle. It turned out to be a state-listed Wood Turtle.

Wood Turtle

Finished by checking the bog at Hugh Cargill. Got a Bog Copper but no Elfin Skimmers. Also got a boot full of water.

Bog Copper

And a hummingbird in the yard.

WIR 7/9-7/15

Wednesday 7/9: Mt. Misery was mostly quiet. Willow Flycatchers, Dragonhunter, couple other little things.

Thursday 7/10: Nothing exciting along the Charles in Watertown. Went to the duck ponds late morning. Kingfisher was about it there but a/the Broad-wing flew across Trapelo on the other side of Lexington St. Also finally heard a raven from the yard.

Friday 7/11: Long day. Started at Great Meadows with 6+ Least Sandpiper, 1 Spotted, 1 Solitary, and 1 Yellowlegs. On to Assabet, which was dead (hundreds of Blue Dashers and a Clamp-tipped Emerald). Finally met up with Alan and Soheil at Great Brook Farm. ‘A couple hours’ turned out to mean 3.5. Nothing too exciting but lots of photo ops of common stuff.


Saturday 7/12: Concord butterfly count. Decent variety but low numbers.

Sunday 7/13: Lone Tree Hill was fairly quiet, no luck with any hairstreaks. Stopped at the duck ponds on the way home, no shorebird arrivals but a Brush-tipped Emerald was a nice surprise.


Monday 7/14: West Meadow and BBN were quiet.

Tuesday 7/15: Wasted a bunch of time waiting for a phone call, so finally got to Great Meadows midafternoon. Had it to myself but nothing more than a couple Least and tons of herons.

WIR 7/2-7/8

Wednesday 7/2: Checked out College Pond in Weston. Looks like it has potential for birds and odes although I didn’t have a ton. YB Cuckoo, 2 singing Winter Wrens, and a Hermit Thrush were nice.

Thursday 7/3: Mostly too hot but a quick walk around Purgatory Cove had 3 BC Night-Herons and 2 (1 young I think) of Orchard Orioles.

Friday 7/4: Quick check of Hardy Pond and the res had a roosting eagle and 3 turkeys causing a traffic jam.

Saturday 7/5: Great Meadows was dull.

Sunday 7/6: Ode walk at the Cranberry Bog. Couldn’t get the emerald in close enough, but started with catching a Prince Baskettail and a Black-tippd Darner. A Cyrano Darner was still patrolling in the corner, Racket-tailed Emeralds were in the woods, and a few Unicorn Clubtails were along the far edge (couldn’t find any Lilypads though). On the way back, Alan had a large darner in the middle and walked down after it. I followed and picked up something large and reddish: Golden-winged Skimmer! On the county list but I don’t know any details of the record(s).




Better photos from Soheil.

Also 26 species from the yard today including probably 2 Broad-wings.

Monday 7/7: BBN had a Great Horned Owl (in the open! but no camera) and 2 likely migrant Orchard Orioles.

Tuesday 7/8: Not a whole lot at Rock Meadow, first Clamp-tipped Emerald of the year about it.

WIR 6/25-7/1

Wednesday 6/25: Lazy day but got the Broad-wing over the yard again.

Thursday 6/26: Went to the Cranberry Bog. Not overly exciting but a couple more FOY odes.

Friday 6/27: Great Meadows was very quiet so went over to see if the Osprey nest on the Concord/Acton line was still active (appeared to be).

Saturday 6/28: Charles in Watertown was quiet.

Sunday 6/29: Swamp Darner at BBN, first Black Saddlebags of the year at Rock Meadow.

Monday 6/30: Poked around AGM (mostly the usual, no Blue-wings and no Alder). First of year Mocha Emerald and a Holopogon robber fly. Brief stop at the duck ponds had nothing.

Tuesday 7/1: Prospect Hill was hot and quiet.

WIR 6/18-6/24

Wednesday 6/18: Explored the Old Rifle Range in Concord for the first time in a couple years. Heard a waterthrush, otherwise nothing terribly exciting.

Thursday 6/19: Went northwest. Lots of warblers at Willard Brook plus dragonflies and butterflies all over.

Friday 6/20: Eagle and Broad-wing from the yard.

Yard Eagle

Saturday 6/21: Walked to Lot 1 and the West Meadow. Finally got a patch Pine Warbler for the year plus 2 Blue-fronted Dancers and a Snapping Turtle.

Sunday 6/22: First Familiar Bluets of the year at Prospect Hill and that was about it.

Monday 6/23: Usual stuff Rock Meadow, Lone Tree Hill, and duck ponds. Nice Leptogaster flavipes at LTH.


Tuesday 6/24: Mary Cummings Park was fairly quiet. Not sure I’ve seen a Bank Swallow away from water or a colony before.

To The Northwest!

I spent Thursday in the northwestern corner of the county, partially to investigate the breeding birds and partially for odes. Good success overall with almost all the expected birds and a few other good things. A couple photos:


Newt, Ashby, 1 of a whole pile in a little wet spot


Spatterdock Darner, Ashby

White Admiral

White Admiral, Ashby

Sedge Sprite

Sedge Sprite, Townsend

WIR 6/11-6/17

Wednesday 6/11: Thought I heard a raven from the yard but not quite confident. River walk and duck ponds were pretty quiet.

Thursday 6/12: Great Meadows was mostly quiet. Pied-billed Grebe was out in the open and finally caught up with a Least Bittern. Stopped at Meriam’s Corner on the way home and found them mowing, so didn’t walk around.

Friday 6/13: Had some business in Somerville so stopped at the Earhart Dam and picked up Common Tern (plus a few night-herons, swallows, etc). Also had a new yard mammal with a Red Squirrel (and the black one showed up for the first time in a couple months).

Saturday 6/14: Decided to give the allergies a day off.

Sunday 6/15: Dunback late morning had fewer butterflies than I hoped. Slender Spreadwing and a Redstart were about it.

Monday 6/16: Paine for a change. Heard ravens, plus Painted Skimmer and a couple other things. Great Meadows midmorning had a singing Yellow-throated Vireo (across the river though) and a Mink being mobbed by a Red-winged Blackbird.

Tuesday 6/17: Did a pretty thorough walk around BBN was fairly quiet for 40 species. Redstart was probably the highlight for birds but a perched Prince Baskettail was very nice.


WIR 6/4-6/10

Wednesday 6/4: Rock Meadow survey got canceled as we thought it was raining too heavily. Rain promptly stopped, so both Bob and I ended up at Great Meadows, although nothing exciting.

Thursday 6/5: Survey squeezed in between the fog clearing and rain starting. Nothing different and nothing else for the rest of the day.

Friday 6/6: Went to explore a bit in Weston, but the area I thought was on the right side of the line along 117 turned out to be almost all Lincoln land trust land. Nice place though with a River Jewelwing and Marsh Bluets in addition to the regular birds. Cat Rock Park after had more of the same and the parent ravens flying over.

Saturday 6/7: Poked around the duck ponds midday without anything of interest.

Sunday 6/8: Minuteman survey (very) early. Couldn’t get a Veery this year and all the singing redstarts shut up doing the actual survey periods but otherwise fairly good. Scanned for Least Bittern at the tower at Great Meadows for a few minutes after with no luck and then jogged a short distance down the trail for some close Virginia Rails (but no Sora).

Monday 6/9: Busy with other things.

Tuesday 6/10: BBN to Lot 1: 2+ ravens and a Painted Skimmer, not a whole lot else.

WIR 5/28-6/3

Wednesday 5/28: Rock Meadow survey in the rain was lousy. Went to Great Meadows after but only managed 2 Semipalmated Plovers.

Thursday 5/29: Wandered Lincoln a bit, nothing unusual. Crow mobbing a Red-tail and being mobbed by a Bobolink was interesting.

Friday 5/30: Habitat survey was quiet. Bob and I went up to Essex county after. Started with Yellow-throated Vireo, Alder Flycatcher, a few warblers, and 3 cuckoos at Martin Burns. Yellow-bellied and Olive-sided Flycatchers at Plum. 

And this:

Black-necked Stilt

Saturday 5/31: Wandered a bit in Bedford and then to the Cranberry Bog for odes. Not much of anything anywhere. Did get a few first of year odes including New England Bluet and Lilypad Forktail.

New England Bluet

Lilypad Forktail

Sunday 6/1: Led a Great Meadows trip. Yellow-billed Cuckoo and a late coot were highlights.

Monday 6/2: Rock Meadow survey was overrun by young starlings. Walked through BBN with Bob after, 4 Blue-winged Warblers and a cuckoo were nice but a Fisher was a big highlight. Lousy photo but excellent views:


Tuesday 6/3: Habitat survey was fairly quiet. Went up to Dunstable for odes and stuff after. The good stuff (a spiketail and an interesting looking emerald) got away but the usual stuff was around.

WIR 5/21-5/27

Wednesday 5/21: Started at Rock Meadow, Prairie Warbler was nice but nothing else particularly exciting. Continued to Lone Tree Hill with a bit more of the same. Duck ponds similar as well.

Thursday 5/22: Redstart in the yard, Night-Heron on the Charles.

Friday 5/23: Cliff Swallow and 5 Least Sandpipers were about it at Great Meadows. Or so I thought…

Black Tern

Saturday 5/24: Led a walk at Prospect Hill: 4 loons, 5 ravens, 1 redstart, not a whole lot else.

Sunday 5/25: Started at BBN. Flyover Green Heron was about it to start (plus seeing the new parking area looking close to ready), so I headed over to the West Meadow and had a singing Alder Flycatcher (along with 2+ Willows and a Least plus the other expected flycatchers within a couple hundred yards). Back along BBN I added a Least (and a probable Canada Warbler). Tried one of the side trails and ended up on Concord Ave, so walked to Rock Meadow. Quiet there except for a Canada Warbler just before crossing the bridge back to BBN. Rest of the walk was fairly quiet beyond a calling cuckoo.

Monday 5/26: Great Meadows was quiet, as was Heard Pond. Sun finally came out so I moved on to Assabet River. Once things dried out, Harlequin Darners everywhere, 2 Ringed Boghaunters, a White Corporal, and a few others (but not the 17 species seen the day before).

Tuesday 5/27: Started with a Yellow-billed Cuckoo calling when I woke up. Habitat survey had a few Ovenbirds and thrushes (and a Luna Moth hindwing). Went to Prospect Hill later in the morning, lots of duskywings, Hobomok Skippers, etc.

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