WIR 5/13-5/19

Wednesday 5/13: Chestnut-sided and a Pewee finally at Hayden Woods plus lots of azures.

Thursday 5/14: BB Cuckoo, Wilson’s Warbler, Bobolinks at Forest Grove.

Friday 5/15: Solitary and not much else at the duck ponds. Beaver at College Pond on the way home.

Saturday 5/16: MBC bird day. Finished with 102 out of 104 group total. Highlights included calling Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Semipalmated Plovers, and ice cream.

Sunday 5/17: Went out to Townsend for odes. Fairly quiet. Just missed the perfect shot of Beaverpond Baskettail:

Beaverpond Baskettail

Lots of whitefaces, corporals, etc but nothing good.

Monday 5/18: BBN had a hummer, Willow Flycatcher, pewee, few warblers, etc.

Tuesday 5/19: Lesser Yellowlegs at Nine Acre but nothing else there, at the res, or Heard Pond.

WIR 5/6-5/12

Wednesday 5/6: BBN had 8 warblers (including Blackpoll, BT Blue, and Prairie) plus a Scarlet Tanager and Least Flycatcher.



Thursday 5/7: Louisiana Waterthrush, Solitary Sandpipers, and not much else at College Pond.


Friday 5/8: Purgatory Cove and Forest Grove again. Magnolia, GC Flycatcher, Ovenbird, not a ton else.

Saturday 5/9: Great Meadows was fairly quiet. Least and Solitary Sandpipers and one pocked of warblers plus Marsh Wrens finally. Went back to Assabet after and had 2 boghaunters, a few baskettails, and some less identified things.

Sunday 5/10: Led the Mt. Auburn trip. Cape May, cooperative Blackburnian, few other things but much less than had been reported.

Monday 5/11: Blackburnian and BB Cuckoo at BBN plus first whitetail of the year.

Tuesday 5/12: Heard Pond had a street sweeper and a flyover Bobolink.

WIR 4/29-5/5

Wednesday 4/29: Barred Owl and Virginia Rail at College Pond.

Thursday 4/30: Waterthrush and BT Green at Arlington Res but not much else new.

Friday 5/1: RB Grosbeak and a couple BH Vireos at BBN.

Saturday 5/2: Grosbeaks and Yellow Warblers all over Dunback. Warbling Vireos and not too much else at Great Meadows. Cliff Swallow and Spotted Sandpiper at Nine Acre, 2 eagles at the res.

Sunday 5/3: Black-and-white, Ovenbird, Wood Thrush at Round Hill. Yellowthroat, 3 Broad-wings, lots of Pine Elfins at Assabet River. Orioles and tiger beetles at the Desert.

Monday 5/4: Couple Parulas among a pile of Yellow-rumps and handful of Palms at Heard Pond, plus a waterthrush or two and a few grosbeaks. Pileated flew over Rt. 30 on the way home.

Tuesday 5/5: Started raining heavily as I reached Purgatory Cove. Lots of Yellow-rumps again plus a couple Parulas, Bt Green, Northern Waterthrush, Black-and-white, Blue-headed Vireo, both orioles, etc. Back corner of the cove was where the excitement was when a large, long-winged, strongly notched tailed swallow buzzed over. Not ideal, but can’t make it anything but a martin.

WIR 4/22-4/28

Wednesday 4/22: Late American Tree Sparrow was about it at BBN.

Late Tree Sparrow

Thursday 4/23: Windier than I liked at the Wayland CG. Couple gnatcatchers and nothing else exciting.

Friday 4/24: Arlington Res had a sweep of swallows, a kingbird, and a Merlin.

Saturday 4/25: Bit of a lazy start, but eventually wandered out. Scaup still at the res. Nothing exciting at Round Hill. Red-shoulders at the Desert Natural Area plus azures at both of those stops. Afternoon trip to Great Meadows failed to find much, did get a banded Great Black-backed.

Sunday 4/26: Led the Mt. Auburn trip which was dead. Highlights: 8 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, 3 Hermit Thrushes, 3 Red-breasted Nuthatches. Arlington Res after, which is where all the warblers are apparently. Yellow-rumps all over with a few Palms, 1 Pine, and FOY Yellow. Nothing much else. Long walk around AGM after didn’t have any butterflies but did have a thrasher.

Monday 4/27: Heard Pond had a Blue-headed Vireo and lots of Yellow-rumps and Palms.

Tuesday 4/28: About the same as yesterday at Forest Grove (minus the vireo).

WIR 4/15-4/21

Wednesday 4/15: College Pond had a gnatcatcher, calling Barred Owl, and first Mourning Cloak of the year.

Thursday 4/16: Harrier and not a whole lot else at Kaveski.

Friday 4/17: Nothing but scaup at the res on a pond check (rather nasty for the few minutes I was out).

Saturday 4/18: Started with the MBC trip at Horn Pond. First of spring Yellow-rumps were a good beginning. As the group approached the phoebe bridge, I backtracked a bit to scan for hidden teal. No ducks, but something moved in the leaves. Bright white undertail, bright yellow bill. Sora! I ran back and, amazingly, it stayed more or less visible for the entire group. Rest of the walk had more of the typical stuff.

Stopped at Arlington Res on the way back, lots of Yellow-rumps, a few Palms, Bufflehead, a Ruddy, not much else. Duck ponds were quiet other than a Cabbage White. Stopped at BBN to check water levels by Dawes (too high) and flushed a snipe on the way back (Waltham #210!). While trying to get another look at that, the first Common Green Darner of the year flew by. Checked Cambridge Res quickly, 8 Greater Scaup, 7 Ring-neck.

Sunday 4/19: Led the MBC walk at BBN. Flyover loon, lots of Palms, Hermit Thrushes, sparrows, not a whole lot else. Scaup still at Cambridge Res, goldeneye and Ring-necks at Flint’s. Got home to see that the Yellow-throated Warbler I expected yesterday at Arlington Res had showed up, wandered over midafternoon and got it easily. Checked duck ponds again just in case but nothing at all there.


Monday 4/20: Nothing at Farm Meadow/Codman. Barn Swallows at Heard Pond and the town marsh (missed the kingbird though).

Tuesday 4/21: Chimney Swift, 2 Ravens, and a bunch of Yellow-rumps at Purgatory Cove.

WIR 4/8-4/14

Wednesday 4/8: Sapsucker (Charles #156) at Forest Grove among lots of the usual.


Thursday 4/9: Nothing on any of the ponds.

Friday 4/10: Still nothing on the ponds.

Saturday 4/11: Nothing at Flint’s on the way to Meriam’s Corner. Got nice views of the ibis flock and a bonus Vesper Sparrow. Lots of blackbirds and robins and not much else. On to Great Meadows, which was far too windy. Lots of Tree Swallows, 3 Osprey, 3 eagles. Res opened overnight but nothing much on it.

Sunday 4/12: Prospect Hill for the first time this year. Ravens had young, although I couldn’t get a count. Also first of year Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Pine Warbler, and Red-breasted Nuthatch, plus tons of GC Kinglets and Chipping Sparrows, several Hermit Thrushes and Fox Sparrows, and a few other things. Nothing much at any of the ponds (Ruddy at Hardy was about it). Still a Tree Sparrow at Purgatory Cove in the afternoon.

Monday 4/13: Field Sparrows and lots of Rusties at BBN.

Tuesday 4/14: Nothing terribly exciting on a pond check in the morning (Pine and Palm at Flint’s and Heard plus a singing Winter Wren at Flint’s). Did the res again in the afternoon and had a Horned Grebe.

WIR 4/1-4/7

Wednesday 4/1: Squeezed in a quick stop at the School St fields where the Greater Yellowlegs was still wandering around. Good number of larks and enough wind and traffic backing up on Rt. 2 that I didn’t spend much more time scanning.

Thursday 4/2: Turned rather cold and raw as I was heading to Heard Farm. Managed a couple Rusties but not much else.

Friday 4/3: Close to an hour at the platform at Great Meadows had lots of blackbirds and geese plus a few goldeneye and a snipe.

Saturday 4/4: Rough-winged Swallows and a Pied-billed Grebe at Norumbega. Purgatory Cove had a scaup, phoebe, etc. Forest Grove added another phoebe, a Palm Warbler, a Fox Sparrow, and another(?) Pied-billed. Res still frozen. Lots of snipe and blackbirds at Waltham St.

Sunday 4/5: Too windy at BBN, but another Fox Sparrow, a Kestrel, and 8+ Rusty Blackbirds were good. Tried some car birding, with snipe, 2 pintail, and a Horned Lark at School St, lots of teal at Nine Acre, and an eagle at Hardy Pond.

Monday 4/6: Car work, so no field time. Raccoon wandered through the yard though midmorning.

Tuesday 4/7: Quick run through Nine Acre had a male harrier, tons of teal, and a brief view of an otter.

WIR 3/25-3/31

Wednesday 3/25: Stopped at Purgatory Cove for a few minutes scanning the river. At least 6 teal and a pintail among the normal stuff.

Thursday 3/26: Cowbirds in the yard.

Friday 3/27: Too rainy in the morning, exactly nothing at River Rd on the way home.

Saturday 3/28: Killdeer and Horned Larks at School St, more Killdeer at Nine Acre. And a mammal. Crows appeared to be working on a nest in the yard this morning too.

Sunday 3/29: Started with a quick check of Rock Meadow, where a towhee was a nice surprise. Nothing much at the duck ponds on the way home. After pancakes, off to Great Meadows. Turkey Vulture came in and landed, harrier and kestrel over, and not much else.

Vulture on ice


Monday 3/30: Tons of ducks on the river by Purgatory Cove plus a flyover kingfisher and a Great Cormorant. Double-crested at Norumbega.

Tuesday 3/31: Stopped at BBN on the way in. Only had time for the parkway and a bit of the path by the marsh, but phoebe overhead and 2 Fox Sparrows were nice.


Wandered a bit in the snow this afternoon without finding much, ending at Nine Acre Corner. Headed down 117 to head home and noticed a fox in the field just after the bridge, so I pulled in to snap a photo.


It trotted across the road, entered the field right next to me, and quickly pounced.




Not satisfied with that, it put the food down and made another dive into the snow.



Unsuccessful, so it picked up the other and continued on.


Unfortunately at an angle where I couldn’t get any more photos, it put the rodent back down, jumped in again, and this time came up with another. It took them both and trotted into the woods (and crossed the road again as I was pulling out).

WIR 3/18-3/24

Wednesday 3/18: Very quick afternoon check of River Rd had 65+ Ring-necks.

Thursday 3/19: Same old

Friday 3/20: Tree Swallows at River Rd looked cold.

Saturday 3/21: Wandered the river a bit midafternoon. Nothing exciting around Shaw’s. Lots of Wood Ducks, Bufflehead, Ring-necks, a few GW Teal, and a Turkey Vulture at Forest Grove. Lesser Scaup at Norumbega (side note, finally looked at the map and noticed how that’s all Weston, which takes my Weston list to 100 and only drops 4 from my Newton list).

Sunday 3/22: Tried Dunback in the wind. Great Horned with a squirrel was about it. Drove through NAC after but nothing more than a handful of mergansers.

Monday 3/23: No luck with Common Teal at the town building, wigeon was new at least.

Tuesday 3/24: Nothing different.