WIR 4/12-4/18

Wednesday 4/12: Back to NH. Sun was lousy at Hampton Beach but a few Brant, 2 Piping Plovers, and lots of loons were highlights. Ended up at the Former Weapons Storage Area of Great Bay NWR after and had a few warblers (Louisiana Waterthrush the best). 

Thursday 4/13: Forest Grove/Purgatory had all 3 expected warblers but not a ton else.

Friday 4/14: Field Sparrow and the usual at Arlington Res.

Saturday 4/15: Poked around Burlington and got the town list to 99 (+Field Sparrow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush, Palm Warbler, Cooper’s Hawk, really tough ones). Three snipe at Waltham St.

Sunday 4/16: Led an MBC walk at BBN, few Palms and Yellow-rumps but not much else. Checked duck ponds and Arlington Res after without much.

Monday 4/17: Round Hill had nesting creepers and a good flock of Rusties. The Desert was pretty quiet. About 30 Ruddies on the res (and Barn Swallows earlier).

Tuesday 4/18: Quiet at Dunback.

WIR 4/5-4/11

Wednesday 4/5: Had to run up to NH so poked around a bit. Picked up 5 easy state birds then read a report of Bohemians right where I was. Took 495 down to get to work, which let me try Hager Pond again. Eurasian Wigeon right out in the open plus a bunch of Americans, other ducks, and an eagle. Quick check of the res on the way home had a DC Cormorant and the usual ducks.

Thursday 4/6: Nothing at Flint’s. First bird I got bins on at at Nine Acre was a Eurasian Teal (with 60 Green-wings plus a Pied-billed Grebe). Cormorant at Heard which was just about to flood the road.

Friday 4/7: Calling Rusties at College Pond were my first in Weston, quiet otherwise beyond FOY Chipping Sparrow. Quick res check on the way home had a pintail way out and an immature eagle.

Saturday 4/8: Great Meadows was flooded but had FOY Pine Warblers in the woods and what appears to be my first turkey at GM proper as well. Hanscom trails were wet and not very birdy, kestrel being the highlight. Fawn Lake had lots of Ring-necks and a Pileated.

Sunday 4/9: Worked on the Bristol county list. Moderately successful with 8 additions, mostly obvious holes. Started at Gooseberry with the usual sea birds plus a catbird, Yellow-rump, and Ipswich Sparrow. Allen’s Pond had most of the dabbling ducks I needed, a phoebe, and lots of egrets and Osprey. Stop at Broad Cove in Somerset made me glad I got the ducks earlier (did have a Cabbage White at least). Woodcocks and an odd vocalization at BBN in the evening.

Monday 4/10: BBN had Chipping Sparrows, a Hermit Thrush, flickers all over, a Mourning Cloak, a Comma, and a few other local FOYs.

Tuesday 4/11: Nobscot was disappointingly quiet.

WIR 3/29-4/4

Wednesday 3/29: Couldn’t find the wigeon again but had the Rough-winged Swallow. Snuck out at lunchtime and had 2 eagles at Heard Pond and a BW Teal by the town building.

Thursday 3/30: My no chasing before work policy lasted 0 days. No Ipswich Sparrow in Framingham. No Iceland Gull on the pond either, but fortunately it had flown over the car while approaching. Also FOY Phoebe finally.

Friday 3/31: Rusty and the usual at Heard Farm, BW Teal and shoveler at the marsh.

Saturday 4/1: Too nasty.

Sunday 4/2: Rusty and the usual at BBN. Nothing much at Rock Meadow. Lesser Scaup at Arlington Res, Redhead still at Cambridge Res. Phoebes just about everywhere.

Monday 4/3: Six Fox Sparrows at Lindentree.

Tuesday 4/4: Too rainy but a few Ruddies at the res.

WIR 3/22-3/28

Wednesday 3/22: Nothing at Dunback.

Thursday 3/23: Pond loop was pretty quiet. Lot at Heard for a change although nothing exciting.

Friday 3/24: DC Cormorant at Purgatory. PB Grebe at the res on the way home.

Saturday 3/25: Great Meadows was quiet beyond a kestrel and got rather wet. Drove around a bit, lots of geese but not much else School St to Nagog to Nine Acre. Rain stopped so walked around Waltham St but no snipe.

Sunday 3/26: Bear Creek. Four Short-ears, a snipe, 3 meadowlarks beyond the longspur.

Monday 3/27: Couldn’t find the Eurasian Wigeon in Marlborough. Did have the shoveler there and some Tree Swallows on the way over.

Tuesday 3/28: Quiet at Great Meadows beyond a singing Fox Sparrow and Tree Swallows.



Was nice enough to hang around this year.


Wasn’t quite nice enough to pose on the ground though (brief scope view wasn’t bad, glad I lugged it).


Side note: last year was good, 6 state birds and 3 lifers by now.

WIR 3/15-3/21

Wednesday 3/15: Too icy

Thursday 3/16: Still too icy, but stopped at the res on the way home and found the Redhead back.

Friday 3/17: 5 teal at Forest Grove, raven over Comm Ave

Saturday 3/18: Ovenbird, Rusties, Fox Sparrow at Horn Pond. Managed to not see the open water at Silver Lake. Usual at the Mystic Lakes.

Sunday 3/19: Birder’s Meeting most of the day but tried Silver Lake without luck on the way home.

Monday 3/20: Nothing exciting at the West Meadow.

Tuesday 3/21: Usual at College Pond, which was still frozen.

WIR 3/8-3/14

Wednesday 3/8: No goose

Thursday 3/9: No goose

Friday 3/10: Nothing at Arlington Res or elsewhere in the morning. Horned Grebe at Cambridge Res on the way home.

Saturday 3/11: Too cold

Sunday 3/12: Still too cold, drove around a bit but saw nothing

Monday 3/13: Quick stop at Purgatory found the Ring-neck/Redhead flock back here.

Tuesday 3/14: Too snowy

WIR 3/1-3/7

Wednesday 3/1: Wood Duck was about it at Forest Grove.

Thursday 3/2: Too windy, so a quick pond check had very little. Finally got some turkeys in Lincoln at least.

Friday 3/3: Cold and just about birdless at BBN. Slipped out of work a few minutes early and had a few Ring-necks and absolutely nothing else at Heard Pond.

Saturday 3/4: Too cold but a midafternoon run around Arlington Res and Cambridge Res had the usual ducks and 2 Killdeer at Hobbs Brook.

Sunday 3/5: More or less a repeat, except Clay Pit instead of Cambridge Res which had my first Belmont Bufflehead. TV over Fernald too.

Monday 3/6: Drove around looking for geese, harrier at Nine Acre was about it.

Tuesday 3/7: More looking for geese. Did get a white bird, but it was a Glaucous Gull.


WIR 2/22-2/28

Wednesday 2/22: Merlin by Kennedy driving to the river walk, which had blackbirds and little else.

Thursday 2/23: Very little in a bunch of stops along the river in Wayland. TV over the office.

Friday 2/24: Killdeer at Lindentree then GW Teal at Pelham Island Rd at lunch.

Saturday 2/25: Turkeys finally (everywhere in Concord). Missed the Ross’s by about 5 minutes but had February Tree Swallows and a good variety of ducks at Great Meadows, then a really nice piece of white plastic among the Canadas at School St. Redhead continued at the res.

Sunday 2/26: Got the Ovenbird, missed the Rusties, then had a nice male harrier at Nine Acre.

Monday 2/27: Nothing at Round Hill.

Tuesday 2/28: Usual at Heard, could not find a Rusty.

WIR 2/15-2/21

Wednesday 2/15: Riverwalk had 2 scaup, all three mergansers (one more interesting than the others), etc.

Thursday 2/16: Quick run along Norumbega/Charlesbank had nothing other than a Ring-neck at the Stony Brook pond.

Friday 2/17: Nothing exciting at Moody St, nothing at Forest Grove.

Saturday 2/18: Flock of presumed grackles at Dunback, nothing at Great Meadows, larks and a couple Snow Buntings at School St, usual at the res.

Sunday 2/19: Barrow’s, the hybrid goldeneye, and 5+ Iceland Gulls at Deer Island but no northern eider or any Razorbills. RT Loon at Sylvester Baxter but no Common or any good gulls there or Earhart.

Monday 2/20: Red-wing about it at Alewife. Grackle and kingfisher at Blair Pond. Nothing along the Charles by Watertown Square but GW Teal, wigeon, and Fish Crow at Moody St. Usual at Purgatory, Norumbega, Charlesbank. Vulture on the way home then a bunch of grackles and a cowbird in the yard. Afternoon loop of the res found the Redhead back.

Tuesday 2/21: Red-wing in the yard and a bunch at BBN but little else.