WIR 12/14-12/20

Wednesday 12/14: Flock of Red-wings but little else in Lincoln.

Thursday 12/15: Two Fox Sparrows at Dunback, no luck with the tanager though.

Friday 12/16: Too cold. Res looked open though.

Saturday 12/17: Too snowy.

Sunday 12/18: CBC, fairly quiet. Catbird at West Meadow, 17 waxwings at Lot 1, Winter Wren at Dunback.

Monday 12/19: Quick check of the Charles didn’t have much of note but both Common Merganser and Great Black-backed Gull were missed yesterday.

Tuesday 12/20: BBN was about the same as it was Sunday, although with a few more Tree Sparrows.

WIR 12/7-12/13

Wednesday 12/7: Two new commute birds: the Redhead at Cambridge Res and something at NAC.

Thursday 12/8: Nothing exciting at the Wayland gardens.

Friday 12/9: Nothing at West Meadow.

Saturday 12/10: Too windy, but looped the Mystic Lakes, Spy Pond, Clay Pit, and Beaver Brook without much (did get overdue first Ring-necked Ducks for Belmont).

Sunday 12/11: Waited until it got above 20, then went to Dunback. Nothing in the pines, but the Western Tanager was a pleasant surprise. Twelve species of waterfowl on the res included 2 pintails.

Monday 12/12: Red-bellied at the feeders for the first time a a long time.

Tuesday 12/13: Not much of anything from Moody to Prospect. Had enough time after that to hit Forest Grove, where there were 3 Gadwall in the opening by the pump house.


WIR 11/30-12/6

Wednesday 11/30: 50ish waxwings at Lot 1.

Thursday 12/1: Nothing at BBN.

Friday 12/2: Quiet at Forest Grove.

Saturday 12/3: 2 Ravens were new for me at Arlington Res. Another at Dunback but little else. Good number of Gadwall among the usual at the res, although I missed at least one good duck and maybe more.

Sunday 12/4: Watertown section of the Charles had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Orange-crowned on the way out from Shaw’s was a patch bird (160!). Absolutely nothing on Moody St. Rounding Prospect, I got a text from Cliff: Pink-footed Goose Cambridge Res. Jogged back to the car (managing to need to stop and catch my breath right where a Nashville was), then got the goose and the Redhead.

Monday 12/5: Too snowy.

Tuesday 12/6: 12+ Red-wings at BBN.

Patch Birds

Thought I was going to be satisfied with the warbler along the Charles this morning:


Although the Nashville on the way back was actually a better bird…

Then this on the res:


Presuming new in and I didn’t miss it yesterday when the geese were hiding. Thanks Cliff!

WIR 11/23-11/29

Wednesday 11/23: Looped Forest Grove without anything, but a Great Cormorant on the river as I was finishing up was very nice.

Thursday 11/24: Nothing of note in a quick run around the res and Flint’s.

Friday 11/25: Quick drive around Otis/Sandisfield had a Pileated at Lower Spectacle but nothing else beyond juncos.

Saturday 11/26: Tried to clean up a few gaps in my Burlington list but only managed Hooded Merganser.

Sunday 11/27: Tried cleaning up county gaps in Norfolk county. Didn’t refind the BT Gray in Brookline but a nice selection of sparrows, wrens, etc. Great Pond had a few ducks (pintail the best). Might have had more if it wasn’t so windy, which also meant the Squantum area was a waste (as was Earhart, Spy Pond, and the res).

Monday 11/28: Flyover grackle was about it at Dunback, too early for the tanager.

Tuesday 11/29: Single pintail at Great Meadows.

WIR 11/16-11/22

Wednesday 11/16: Nothing on the ponds.

Thursday 11/17: Horned Larks over Lindentree were new for me in Lincoln but little else.

Friday 11/18: Late Pine Warbler at Purgatory.

Saturday 11/19: 4+ Fox Sparrows at Dunback, nothing at Waltham St, continuing yellowlegs at Arlington Res, nothing new at the res.

Sunday 11/20: Nasty at Great Meadows then drove around not seeing much.

Monday 11/21: Nothing new at Flint’s or Heard. Eagle and 55+ teal at the swamp.

Tuesday 11/22: Fox Sparrow and 4 more teal at Heard Farm.

WIR 11/9-11/15

Wednesday 11/9: Chased the Hammond’s. Uncountable view. Winter Wren the best of the rest.

Thursday 11/10: Nothing at Dunback.

Friday 11/11: Hammond’s, then windy at Fresh Pond and the res.

Saturday 11/12: Nothing much at Kaveski (missed a few things seen earlier), no geese around, Dickcissel and a meadowhawk still at Waltham St, no Brant late at Clay Pit.

Sunday 11/13: Started at West Meadow, which had a ton of waxwings. Deer walked out onto the path as I was heading back and refused to leave, so I went the long way, which meant I was more or less at the car when Marj called. Over to Dunback for county bird #2 for the weekend.

Monday 11/14: 3 Rusties at BBN.

Tuesday 11/15: 20+ Snow Buntings at School St.

WIR 11/2-11/8

Wednesday 11/2: Very quiet at BBN.

Thursday 11/3: One flock of larks at School St, nothing among the geese that were visible.

Friday 11/4: Very little at West Meadow. No luck with John’s RT Loon at Heard Pond at sunset (and no more after work birding for 4 months).

Saturday 11/5: BBC leader’s walk at World’s End had a redpoll and Baltimore Oriole. After the party, a few of us had Barred Owl and Winter Wren at Wompatuck.

Sunday 11/6: Started at McClennen for a change. Orange-crowned and a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets were about it. Went to Deer Island hoping for a wagtail after. Obviously luck with that and it was too windy for much else. A pair of Peregrines zooming around and harrassing gulls were nice plus a yellowthroat and RB Nuthatch. Back to the Sandy Beach, which was pretty dead, then Spy Pond, Flint’s, and the res all without anything exciting.

Monday 11/7: Quiet at Great Meadows beyond 2 meadowhawks.

Tuesday 11/8: RN Grebe among the ducks at Flint’s.