WIR 2/26-3/4

Wednesday 2/26: River walk as usual.

Thursday 2/27: Didn’t go out

Friday 2/28: Didn’t go out

Saturday 3/1: Riverwalk again. Six scaup including my first Greater for here. 


Nothing at Moody. Continued to east of Watertown Square where I had 3 more Greater Scaup and finally (on my third pass) got a brief view of the overwintering Brown Thrasher.


Sunday 3/2: Dunback had nothing.

Monday 3/3: Tried Lindentree, absolutely nothing. Drove through Nine Acre Corner on the way out and saw enough mergansers in the river to stop and walk over. A Red-breasted was a very nice surprise.

Tuesday 3/4: Cold.

WIR 2/19-2/25

Wednesday 2/19: Nothing

Thursday 2/20: Cowbirds and little else at Great Meadows.

Friday 2/21: Eh

Saturday 2/22: Winter Wren at Forest Grove. Pair of Wood Duck were the only new arrivals at the riverwalk and nothing new at Moody St.

Sunday 2/23: Started in Wayland, where there were a handful of ducks and about 20 grackles at the town building marsh. The Rt 20 bridge was still covered by a snowbank, so on to Water Row where there were 3 Wood Duck, a bunch of mergansers, and a single Ring-neck. NAC and School St were quiet. More grackles at Dunback, plus a probable harrier and a coyote. Got home and 2 grackles showed up at the feeder.

Monday 2/24: Walked from Rock Meadow to the West Meadow without much of anything. Quick stop at the duck ponds without much after.

Tuesday 2/25: Checked the ravens nest at Prospect Hill. Nothing there today and not much of anything elsewhere on the hill. Chipmunk emerged in the yard.

WIR 2/12-2/18

Wednesday 2/12: Great Meadows was quiet as expected. Twenty minutes at School St had 17 Horned Larks and nothing else.

Thursday 2/13: Snowed.

Friday 2/14: Dug out.

Saturday 2/15: River walk had the same. Watertown section had a couple kinglets and nothing much else.

Sunday 2/16: More snow.

Monday 2/17: Dunback was extremely quiet.

Tuesday 2/18: Forest Grove was quiet. Same ducks on the river walk but a Red-shouldered Hawk was a very nice surprise (#147 on the Charles).


Too cloudy, so you get a phone-binned shot instead of something decent.

WIR 2/5-2/11

Wednesday 2/5: Snowstorm.

Thursday 2/6: Eventually got out and checked the res. Just short of frozen but the grebes and RB Mergansers were still there.

Friday 2/7: River walk to Prospect. A fourth scaup but nothing else.


Saturday 2/8: Lazy, eventually checked the res (scaup and otherwise frozen) and then looped out 117 and saw next to nothing.

Sunday 2/9: Went to Oak Grove. Nice views of the Clay-colored and Savannah but no odd juncos.


Monday 2/10: River walk again. Winter Wren was a nice surprise, otherwise about the same.

Tuesday 2/11: Too cold.

WIR 1/29-2/4

Wednesday 1/29: Too cold.

Thursday 1/30: Charles: scaup and Iceland Gull continue plus 2 Bufflehead below the dam and an eagle off Crescent St. Cambridge Res had a Red-necked Grebe, 3+ Red-breasted Mergansers, and some of the more usual stuff.

Friday 1/31: Nothing much at Meriam’s or Kaveski. Few larks at School St.

Saturday 2/1: Started at Dunback, where there was nothing of interest even with help from Marj and Renee. Cambridge Res had everything continuing (and confirmed the scaup as Greater). Went to Moody St with parents after to look for waxwings. Otherwise nothing on the walk but the eagle was flying over Main and Moody as we went home.

Sunday 2/2: Started at Forest Grove, 2+ Winter Wrens about it. Wandered down Rt. 20 as far as Hager Pond without anything terribly interesting. Stopped at the res on the way home and found a 2nd grebe.


Monday 2/3: BBN was quiet.

Tuesday 2/4: Went to Cape Ann (eventually, traffic was interesting getting to the highway). Harlequins and not much else at Andrew’s and Cathedral. 10+ Icelands and a Glaucous at Jodrey. Two guillemots, a Snowy, and 2 Brant at Eastern Point. Looped back to a quiet Andrew’s. Stopped at the res on the way home and about the same except for the eagle chasing the ducks around.

WIR 1/22-1/28

Wednesday 1/22: Nothing

Thursday 1/23: 3 Lesser Scaup on the Charles, nothing else new.

Scaup 3

Friday 1/24: Nothing

Saturday 1/25: Wandered up to Lowell to look for Glaucous Gulls. No luck with those but at least 4 Icelands included an adult. Decided to check Moody St on the way home and since I was already on the highway, started at Norumbega. That was frozen, but heading down River Rd I noticed a bunch of Ring-necks at the little pond on the other side of the road. Doubled back after checking the frozen Charlesbank to count them and had a male pintail in among them! Finally reaching Moody St, a Merlin flew over as I walked out to Cronin’s but nothing of interest from there.

Iceland 4


Sunday 1/26: Too cold and windy. Checked the res quickly and was quite surprised by 5 Greater Scaup. Also surprised by a Great Horned calling around 11:30 PM.

Monday 1/27: Watertown Charles fairly early: 3 Bufflehead, 1 Lesser Scaup. Then got rained on. Rain cleared early afternoon so went back to Lowell. Only the adult Iceland at the boat club when I arrived and not too many other gulls. Moved on to Sheehy and finally picked out a Glaucous (hopefully now that I’ve got a county one, I’ll be tripping over them locally). Tried down by the ballpark again but didn’t want to walk so went back to the boat club. Two Glaucous and three more Iceland at least.

Tuesday 1/28: Cold.

WIR 1/15-1/21

Wednesday 1/15: Nothing new at the river. Fresh Pond was pretty quiet, no owls or odd gulls.

Thursday 1/16: Long walk around Great Meadows had 3 Marsh Wrens and a chipmunk.

Friday 1/17: Went to Mary Cummings Park for a reported Snowy Owl. Owl turned out to be from the mall but I had a catbird, Red-winged Blackbird, raven, and a tick. Horn Pond after had another raven and a Red-breasted Merganser.


Saturday 1/18: Started at Norumbega (a few mergansers), then Purgatory Cove. Pretty sure the first bird I saw scanning from the car was another Red-breasted Merganser but I never found it again. Did have a Bufflehead and a couple Ring-necks plus more mergansers and the usual landbirds.

Sunday 1/19: Dunback and Waltham St were pretty quiet. GH Owl and a Winter Wren were it.

Monday 1/20: Walked around Lone Tree Hill, Habitat, and Rock Meadow. Another GH Owl but not much else. Afternoon walk on the Charles was quiet, no mergansers at all.

Tuesday 1/21: Iceland Gull was back near Moody St but not much else.


WIR 1/8-1/14

Wednesday 1/8: Res again, still a bit open but 12 gulls and nothing else. Cruised Nine Acre Corner out to School St and nothing more than a couple larks.

Thursday 1/9: About the same from Forest Grove to the Riverwalk including more large gulls, the Iceland, and the eagle and scaup.

Friday 1/10: Eventually wandered to BBN. Trails were solid ice and I gave up fairly quickly. Decided to check the parkway on the way out but as I passed the trail uphill I heard an odd call. Eventually tracked down and confirmed.


And since I was now halfway up the hill, I looped back up as it was too icy to go down.

With a (couple day old) report of an adult Glaucous Gull at Fresh Pond, I wandered over but had nothing.

Saturday 1/11: Dunback was foggy and fairly quiet. Sharpie and 2 Winter Wrens about it. Nothing at Moody St, Purgatory Cove, the res, or Hardy Pond.

Sunday 1/12: BBN and West Meadow again as the ice was manageable. Couple bluebirds and some waxwings were about it.

Monday 1/13: Lindentree had bluebirds and a couple Red-winged Blackbirds, plus a Pileated in the woods. Two goldeneye on the res. Not much at the Mystic Lakes but some kinglets on the ice at Sandy Beach were nice.

Tuesday 1/14: Rainy and nasty.

WIR 1/1-1/7

Wednesday 1/1: The usual BBC trip. Six Snowies, Red-headed Woodpecker, Ross’s and Cackling Geese, 4 Iceland, Black-headed, and Glaucous Gull, etc.


Iceland 3


Thursday 1/2: Snow. All the expected stuff at the feeders.

Friday 1/3: Still stayed in. About the same.

Saturday 1/4: Figured the Mystic Lakes would be open. They barely were but a couple Great Cormorants and a flock of Snow Buntings were nice. Continued to Oak Grove and got the sparrows easily.

Sunday 1/5: River walk: Wood Duck, Lesser Scaup, lots of the usual ducks, and a Bald Eagle finishing a meal. Continued to Moody St where the Iceland Gull was in close. Checked the area east of Watertown Square after but couldn’t find the thrasher. Very quick check by Forest Grove didn’t have anything worth walking for and what I thought was open water on the res on the way home was ice.



Monday 1/6: Cold.

Tuesday 1/7: Quick check of the Cambridge Res. Surprisingly a bit of open water, but 2 gulls and nothing else.

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