off to Texas

With perfect timing, ahead of the next storm and during a week that will have high temperatures reaching 30 at most (and probably not even 20 one day).


  • Birds: reach 500 (30 away, should be possible)
  • Texas list: multiply by 125x (I saw a Great-tailed Grackle and nothing else while being diverted through the Dallas/Fort Worth airport while heading to Arizona 10 years ago)
  • Butterflies: reach 100 (14 away, should be easy, maybe even 125-150)
  • Dragonflies: reach 100 (1 away, can’t fail but 125 may be out of reach)

I have a netbook and should have internet (which is good since I’m doing the Eastern Mass RBA for BirdEast this week), so I may sneak a picture or two up while I’m there, but don’t expect much.