WIR 3/29-4/3

Monday 3/29: Rainy but checked Woerd Ave briefly (3 Wood Duck) and Moody St (the Double-crested Cormorant that flew over on the way down was just below the waterfall on the way back).

Tuesday 3/30: Little too rainy to put it lightly. Did end up at Hardy Pond but too wet to even roll the window down. I know there were a few Common Mergansers out there but no clue what else.

Wednesday 3/31: Walked the road at Prospect Hill a bit but nothing worth mentioning.

Thursday 4/1: Paine: 2 Pine Warblers, 2-3 Phoebes.

Friday 4/2: Day off. Started at Dunback. Long walk looking for Red-shoulders and Fox Sparrows without any. Two phoebes were about it. Quick stops at the Beaver Brook Ponds and Hardy Pond didn’t have much either. Afternoon trip to Arlington Res was about equally productive.

Saturday 4/3: Decided to try and find an Upland Sandpiper at Hanscom. No luck with that, but first of year Swamp Sparrow, Field Sparrows, Wild Turkey (displaying), and Eastern Meadowlark plus a kestrel made it worthwhile. Also a brief walk at Assabet River NWR added Spring Azure and the Infant (moth).

Sunday 4/4: Rock Meadow and BBN were both pretty quiet. Many Tree Swallows at Rock Meadow. Field and Swamp Sparrows were both in at BBN along with a flock of Cedar Waxwings. Phoebes were building a nest at the water tower. Forgetful: Hairy in the yard, one of a handful of records. Woodcock walk for WLT at night ended up not seeing any, not sure why.